Some How It Works

10 best friends. They have all been together since 6th grade. Their senior year is ending and that is when everything changes. All of them will be falling in love. It all starts with a trip to Zayns Vacation house on Lopez Island.


3. Dress Shopping

He was breaking all the rules we set up.

I went shuffling over to the clothing rack he was hiding behind. 

"What the hell are you doing here?" 

"Um, well, I need you to give me Cordelia's phone." Harry said nervously.

"What? Why? If the other girls see you here they are going to kill you." I whisper trying to make it look like I am checking out thee cloths.

"Well, lets just say the guys sent a certain text to her phone as a joke. I am just afraid she takes it seriously." Harry says as his face begins to turn bright red.

"Fine I will get it...ugh." I am always the one fixing his problems.

I ran up to Cordelia who had just picked her dress and was trying it on. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the dress. It was so pretty on her. 

"hey Cordi? I wanted to know if II could barrow your phone for a sec." I hate doing this....

"Sure here you go." she tossed me her iPhone, I almost dropped it though. 

I rummaged through the texts to find Harry's. 

I deleted it then gave Harry the thumbs up to go. I had to tell someone. I ran to Jacky who was trying on this adorable green dress. 


We all finally chose our dresses. 

This was mine it just screams Gem.

Jacky's dress

Cordelia's dress

Mackenzie's dress

And of course Taylor's sexy dress to get under Louis' skin



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