Hi im Harper Tomlinson im 18 when i was younger my mum and i were in a car accident. i got out with a few cut and scratches but mum died on the impact of the accident. since then i have been forced to live with my abusive step-dad who would beat me everyday and would bring his friends over to beat me 10x worse and would let them rape me. i soon find out that my dad is Matt Tomlinson and i am Louis Tomlinson's sister. i finally became re-united with my real family.


9. Chapter 9

•*•*•*•* Louis's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I wonder what Harper was dreaming about last night. I'm been wondering for the whole day and now it's 5 in the afternoon and Harper still isn't up yet. I'll ask her about it when she wakes up. Right now the boys are watching TV and the girls went back to their hotel, and I was in the kitchen munching on some carrots. Hm, I never asked Harper is she liked carrots....

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I woke up because my stupid phone was ringing. I looked at the time and it was 5 in the afternoon, wow i slept a lot. I had 3 new texts I opened the one from Kyle first.

From: The-Most-awesomest-Person-Ever (;

HEY! Cat and I are going to hang out at Starbucks in a bit. Wanna come?

To: The-Most-Awesomest-Person-ever (;

Sure. (: I'll be there in a hour. 

Then I looked at my second text, it was an unknown number. 

From: Unknown.

HELLLLLOOO GIRLLY! It's me the bestest friend you've ever had, CAT! I got you're number from Kyle. COME. TO. STARBUCKS. 


I decided to change her name in my phone to CAT (:

To: CAT (:

Gosh Cat! I'll be there in a hour I already told Kyle! And I know their awesome and super nice! (:

Then I looked at the last text it was also an unknown number.

From: Unknown. 

Hey sweetie (; Guess who? Oh, I bet you know. Well I thought I should just let you know i'm getting on the plane right now to DoncaterI'm coming for you (; We have a lot to discuss. See you soon cunt, hope you enjoyed the little time you had because once I find you I will trap you again maybe possibly kill you, nah that'll be to easy I might just give you to Bobby (; Bye 

I dropped the phone and started crying. I was crying for ten minutes when my door opened and Harry popped his head in. He saw me crying he closed the door and rushed over to me hugging me, rubbing my back and saying soothing things like "it's going to be ok" and "don't worry" and stuff. I calmed down after about 10 minutes and looked up at him, he had a wet spot on his shirt from my crying.

"Sorry about your shirt." I said. 

•*•*•*•* Harry's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I was bored with boys so I decided to go wake Harper up so we could do something. When I walked in to her room I closed the door and saw her crying her eyes out. I rushed over to her and pulled her into a hug, while rubbing her back and whispered soothing things in her ear. I waited until she calmed down. Her crying stopped and she looked up at me and gave me a weak small.

"Sorry about your shirt." I looked down and there was a wet spot from her crying but I didn't care right now. I wanted to know why she was so upset. It broke my heart seeing her so sad.

"Don't worry about it, love. Now tell me why you're so upset." She got up and picked up her phone and brought it over to me. She was searching trying to find something. She found it and handed it over to me. It was a text. I read it and my blood started boiling. If he touches her he will regret it. "Don't worry, love. He will not hurt you." She smiled and pecked my cheek. My skin felt like fire when she kissed it.

"Thank you Harry." She said. I pulled her in for a hug. "I have to go to Starbucks Kyle and Cat are waiting for me." 

"Alright. I'll leave you to get changed and i'll figure something out, ok?" She nodded. I got up and left the room. I was going to tell the boys when she was gone.

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

Harry was so sweet. He's like a brother to me, in fact all the boys are, except Nialler 'cause I like him... I hope the girls didn't tell.I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair and it felt into it's natural waves. I got changed into some black jeans, a white t-shirt and black TOMS. I grabbed a Varsity jacket that Zayn bought me and threw it on. I brushed through my hair and applied a bit of make up, grabbed my phone and went downstairs. 

"Where ya goin'?" Niall asked me.

"Kyle and Cat are waiting for me at Starbucks." They all nodded. I gave each boy and hug and said thank you to Harry again. I left and walked down to Starbucks. It tookme 5 minutes to get there since it wasn't to far. I walked in and saw Cat and Kyle sitting in a booth. I walked over to them and when Cat saw me she jumped out of the booth and gave me a big bear hug. I hugged her back and we sat down and started talking about random things. I saw Kyle keep glancing at Cat, hm I wounder if he likes her. Cat went to the washroom so I thought this was a perfect time to ask Kyle if he liked her. "Kyle?"

"Yes Harpies?" 

"Do you have a crush on Cat?" His eyes widened.

"What? No. Why you asking?" 

"Don't lie to me. You know who I like and plus I won't tell her, please."

"Fine, I do."

"AWE." He was about to say something when Cat cut him off.

"What happened?" 

"nothing." Kyle said a bit to fast. 

"Sure." She sat down. I'm going to ask her if she likes him later. 

•*•*•*•* Harry's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

Harper left 5 minutes ago, so I think this is a good time to tell the lads about the text.

"Lads?" I said.They all looked at me waiting for me to continue. "I have to tell you something." I said. They all nodded. "Well, I went upstairs to wake up Harper, when I went in there she was crying her eyes out-" I was cut off by Louis.

"WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?" He said, more like yelled.

"Hold on Boo-Bear i'm getting to it. Anyways, she was crying for 10 minutes or so after she calmed down I asked her what was wrong. She got her phone and showed me a text from her step-dad-" This time Niall cut me of.

"What did it say?!" 

"I'm getting to it, you guys need to be patient." I sighed. "Anyways, the text was from her step-dad and it said that he was coming to get her and that he was getting on a plane to Doncaster at that moment he send the text." The boys eyes all widened.

"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" Zayn yelled finally speaking up.

•*•*•*•* Niall's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

That bastard is on a plane here right now? Hell no. He is NOT going to get her. I will make sure of it.
"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" Zayn yelled. I could tell he was worried. In fact all of us were. Everyone shrugged their shoulders and we sat thinking for a moment. Then Liam yelled out,


"What is it?" Louis said. He was really worried. I mean he just found out he has a sister and her crazy step-dad might come back and take her.

"Well, he said he's coming to Doncaster, right?" We all nodded. "Well then why don't we just go to London and have our break there. He won't think of that." Harry jumped up and ran and squished Liam in a hug.

"LIAM YOU'RE BRILLIANT!" Harry yelled and Liam chuckled. We called the girls to come over so we could tell them what was happening. 15 minutes later the girls arrived and we told them everything. They agreed. And we sat and watched TV waiting for Harper to come home but you could tell that everyone was worried. Just then the door opened and in walked Harper. We all jumped up and went and squished her into a big hug. She started laughing we let her go and made her come into the living room with us. 

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•* 

I said bye to Kyle and Cat and started my journey home. Once I got home I was tackled into a hug by 8 people. I started laughing and they dragged me to the living room. I sat with Niall on the couch. Harry sat on the floor with Louis and El. Dani sat with Liam on the love seat and Zayn and Perrie sat on the other couch.They were all staring at me and now i'm curious to why everyone was acting different. "Uh.. guys, what's wrong?" I asked.And Lou started talking,

"We're going to London!" He said trying to sound excited but was failing, they all looked worried.

"Why? And when?" I asked.

"I told them about the text, so Liam thought it would be a good idea to just got to London and finish out break there. And tomorrow." Harry said. 

"Oh, ok. Should I start packing?"

"Yes, the girls are going back to their hotels to pack their things and we will pack our things.When you're done packing go to sleep because we have to leave at 4 in the morning tomorrow." Liam said. I nodded and went up to pack. I texted Cat and Kyle telling them.

To: Cat (: and The-Most-Awesomest-Person-Ever (;

Guys, i'm going to London tomorrow and 4, sorry I couldn't say good bye.

From: Cat (:

OMG. That's awesome!

From: The-Most-Awesomest-Person-Ever (;

That's fantastic!!

Were they happy to get rid me or something?

To: Cat (: and The-Most-Awesomest-Person-Ever (;

Are you guys happy to get rid of me or something?

From: The-Most-Awesomest-Person-Ever (;

NOOO. It's because Cat and I are moving to London next week because we're going to university there.

From: Cat (:

EXACTLY! We would miss you to much if you left after all we did just reunite.

To: Cat (: and The-Most-Awesomest-Person-ever (;

Awe! YAY!! Well bye gotta go pack.

I put my phone down and started packing. My phone buzzed and I went to check it.

From: Unknown.

I'M HERE! SEE YOU SOON (; And i'm with Bobby!

Oh my gosh he's here, with Bobby. What if he finds me? But hopefully he dosen't find me since we are leaving tomorrow. I decided to get some sleep tomorrow is going to be a big day and i'm still terrified of flights!

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