Hi im Harper Tomlinson im 18 when i was younger my mum and i were in a car accident. i got out with a few cut and scratches but mum died on the impact of the accident. since then i have been forced to live with my abusive step-dad who would beat me everyday and would bring his friends over to beat me 10x worse and would let them rape me. i soon find out that my dad is Matt Tomlinson and i am Louis Tomlinson's sister. i finally became re-united with my real family.


4. Chapter 4

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I wake up and look at the clock it's 11 am time to wake up the boys. After about 30 minutes of arguing they finally woke up. We walked into the kitchen and my dad was making breakfast.

"Boys, would you mind going upstairs and waking up Harper? And when El, Danni and Perrie get here can you ask them to take her shopping she needs clothes, she barley has any. Tell them to buy whatever with my credit card." He hands me his credit card and we all of an go to wake up Harper. But I wounded why she barley has any clothes. We walk into her room to wake her up. I notice she's wearing a long sleeved shirt with long sleeved sweats.... Wouldn't she be hot?

"Wow. Isn't she hot sleeping in that?" Zayn asks we all nod and try to wake her up.

"Wake up." Liam says gently while shaking her, she just groans.

"WAKE UP!" I tell and her eyes open immediately.

"Okay" She says and goes to take a shower.

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

After the boys wake me up I go to take a shower I wash my hair, brush my teeth and wash my face. After about 15 minutes I get out put a towel on and get out the washroom. I go lock my door quickly and put on a bra and underwear. I go up to my full length mirror and look at my body. I sigh, I'm covered in bruises! My thighs, arms, legs and especially my stomach. I hope they go away soon. I go to my closet and put on a pair of black sweats, a yellow tank top and a black sweater. I walk down the stairs. I go to the kitchen and hear the boys talking,

"I wish she would tell me about her past already, I could help" I think Louis says with a sigh.

"She will soon, when she's ready" my dad says. And then I hear a bunch of yeah's and don't worry's. I take a breath and walk in. I go sit next to dad, he smiles and I smile back.

"Hiya" All the boys says at once.

"Hi ....." I say quietly.

•*•*•*•* Harry's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I think I'm starting to have a crush on Harper, I mean I know I barley know her and just met her yesterday but she's so pretty, I can't help but stare. But I also see the way Niall looks at her and I know he likes her too.

•*•*•*•* Niall's P.O.V •*•*•*•*
Why is she so pretty? She seems so sweet and i don't know I cant describe it, ugh. I think I might like her but I see how Harry looks at her and I could tell he likes her to , so i don't stand a chance because Harry always get the girls, it's not fair.

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

After we finished eating we went to the living room and watched TV. I don't know but I think I could trust these boys, I don't know why but I just do. I want to go look around a bit and clear my head, this just doesn't seem real.

"Hey, Lou, can I uh, go out just to, um, clear my head?"

"Yes, of course." He smiles. I smile back and get my phone, the boys have put their numbers in there so if I get lost I could just call them. 

"Harper, wait!" I hear my dad call. I turned around.


"Here." He handed me some money. 

"What's this for?" 

"Just in case you want to get something."

"Oh, thanks, bye." He hugged me and surprisingly I hugged back and didn't flinch. Then I left. I was walking for a bit and Doncaster is very pretty. Soon I stopped at a coffee shop and ordered a coffee then sat in a booth. I was playing on my phone when someone came up to me.



"Wow, Harper, I've missed you so much! I never thought I would see you again." Kyle was my best friend when I was little well before my step-dad decided to lock me in that room..

"I miss you too." I was always normal around him, he always knew how to make me smile.

"So Harper, what happened to you? You just disappeared..." I sighed, How would I tell him? He never did like my step-dad. But I could trust him.

"Well, After my mom passed away, about a week or so later, my step-dad, locked me in this room and he would abuse me... and it was like that for 13 years I never got out." I said on the verge of crying..

"God!" He came up and gave me hug and I hugged him back. "Then what are you doing here?"

"Well, the last day he beat me very hard and his friend raped me and also beat me and i ended up in the hospital and they found out who my father was so i came her yesterday, actually." 

"Are you okay? And whose your father?"

"Yea, I am, I guess, i'm still adjusting. And my dad is Matt Tomlinson and my brother is Louis Tomlinson." 

"Louis Tomlinson? From One Direction?"

"Yes." He smiled.

"Well Harper, sorry but I have to go. Can I have your number so we can catch up and stay in touch?" I nodded and I gave him my phone and he gave me his, I put Harper(: as my contact names. He gave me my phone back and gave me a hug.

"Bye, see ya soon?"

"Of course." Then he left. After like 30 minutes I got a text.

From: The Most Awesome Person Ever ;)

Heyy! What's sup?

I replied.

To: The-Most-Awesomest-Person-Ever (;

Hello! Nothing about to go home. And really? The Most Awesome Person Ever ;)?

I got up and started walking home. My phone buzzed. 

From: The Most Awesome Person Ever ;)

Yep(: Talk to you later? 

To: The Most Awesome Person Ever ;)

Sure, bye(:

He said bye and I started walking home. When I got home it was about 7 pm. I didn't realize I was out that late. I opened the door and everyone was in the kitchen, and there were 3 gorgeous girls with boys.

"Hi." I said. They all looked at me and smiled.

"How come you got home so late?" Louis asked.

"Sorry... I met my old friend and me and him were talking and lost track of time." I looked down.

"It's okay, now I want to introduce you to My girlfriend Eleanor, Liam's girlfriend Danielle and Zayn's girlfriend Perrie." He said while pointing at the girls.

"Hi, I'm Eleanor and we're gonna be best friends." She said rather loudly and hugged me. I hugged back but before I had a chance to reply, Perrie spoke. 

"Hello! I'm Perrie and I could tell we're going to be great friends." She smiled and pulled me in a hug, so I sub consciously hugged her back.

"Hey, I'm Danielle! "She said and pulled me into a hug. I don't know why, but I didn't flinch when these girls hugged me.

"Hi, I'm Harper and nice to meet you." I said.

"Come one we are going shopping!" All 3 girls said and pulled me out the door. We shopped for so long and we had so many bags. I bought all long sleeved and long pants. When we got home I said I'm going upstairs they all smiled and talked. 

•*•*•*•* Danielle's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

We're at home and the boys, Eleanor, Perrie and I are just talking. 

"Did Harper have fun?" Louis asked. He is becoming protective of Harper, AWW.

"Yea, but the weird thing was, she only bought long sleeved shirts and long pants. She bought no t-shirts or shorts. We tried getting her to try them on but she refused." Eleanor said. The boys all looked worried.

"I wounder why. I want to know about her past." Louis said.

"She'll tell you soon boo." Harry said. He nodded and we just watched the TV. We guessed Harper was asleep because she didn't come downstairs. 

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

When I got upstairs I took a shower and put my clothes away. When I was about to sleep my phone buzzed. I thought it was Kyle so I decided to check it, but I regretted it immediately.... How did he get my number? It was a text from...

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