Hi im Harper Tomlinson im 18 when i was younger my mum and i were in a car accident. i got out with a few cut and scratches but mum died on the impact of the accident. since then i have been forced to live with my abusive step-dad who would beat me everyday and would bring his friends over to beat me 10x worse and would let them rape me. i soon find out that my dad is Matt Tomlinson and i am Louis Tomlinson's sister. i finally became re-united with my real family.


3. Chapter 3

~...~ RECAP ~...~

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I can't believe I have a sister! Right now i'm looking out the window waiting for her to come! I texted Eleanor, Liam texted Danielle and Zayn texted Perrie and they were all so excited! Niall is eating... surprise... Liam is texting Danielle and Harry and Zayn are playing video games. I continue to look out the window. Finally! She's here!

~...~ End of recap ~...~

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

Finally! She's here! "GUYS, SHE'S HEREE!" I yell. They all look up and stop what they are doing. We look at the door eagerly and then the door opens and in comes my sister. She had dark-brown and light brown hair mixed. She had brown eyes and was wearing black tights, gray long sleeved shirt, boots and her hair was in a bun. I walked right up to her and said "hi, I'm Louis and i'm your older brother." I tried hugging her but she flinched and moved back, did I do something? 

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

We pulled up to the house and I looked at it and it was huge! I was nervous to meet my brother, Louis, and his friends. My dad saw I was nervous and smiled and said 

"it's ok they'll love you" I smiled. I took a deep breath and got out of the car we walked to the door, my dad unlocked it and right when we walked in 5 pairs of eyes were looking at me. Finally 1 boy walked up to me. he had blue eyes and hair swept to the side. He was wearing a black and white striped shirt and red pants, with black TOMS.

"Hi, I'm Louis and I'm your older brother." He said and i noticed his British accent.He tried hugging me but I flinched and moved back. Hurt ran through his eyes and I felt bad. I wish I was Normal but I'm not. 

"Hi..." I said in a voice barley audible. He smiled.

"Lads, come introduce yourselves." Then as I on cue all of his friends came. 

"Hi, love, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He smiled. He also had a British accent. He had curly hair, gorgeous dimples and emerald green eyes. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a shirt that said 'Hipsta Please'. He also tried hugging me and I flinched and moved back again. I smiled.

" Ello, I'm Zayn Malik." He smiled and I smiled back. He had a British accent as well. He has a bad boy look to him. He had brown hair that was almost blacked styled in some sort of quiff thing. He was wearing a blue and red and white varsity jacket with blue jeans and supras. 

"Hi, I'm Liam." He smiled and I returned the smile. He had a deep British accent. I flinched when he tried to hug me. He had brown eyes and his hair was shaved but not completely, it was brown. He was wearing a plaid button up shirt with brown Chios and shoes.

"Ello! I'm Niall horan!" The lady one said enthusiastically I give him a smile and he did the same. He had a different accent though he had an irish accent. Again, I flinched when he tried to hug me. He had blonde hair, obviously died and piercing blue eyes you could get lost in.He had on a white v-neck with jeans and white supras. 

"" I said. A voice barley above a whisper. They smiled.

•*•*•*•* Niall's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

She seemed very scared. She flinched when any of us tried to hug her, I wonder what's wrong, and her voice was very soft and barley audible. She was gorgeous! It sounded like she had a American accent of some sort, I think we will get along great. Especially once we break her out of her shell.

•*•*•*•* Harry's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

She was very fit! But, she seemed.... Broken? Very shy and scared like someone was going to hurt her.... 

•*•*•*•* Liam's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

She seemed so, so.. Fragile, like she would break at any moment. Even though I just met her I could tell she is gonna be like a little sister to me.

•*•*•*•* Zayn's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

There is something wrong with her. I mean she flinched if you just touched her and her voice is so quiet! I could tell something isn't right and we will find out....

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

We all went to the living room and my dad took her things up to her bedroom. 

"So, Harper. Tell us about yourself." All the boys nodded in agreement and we all stared at her which seemed to make her a tab uncomfortable. But she gave a small nod.

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

"Um.. Well... There isn't much to tell really.. My name is Harper... I'm.. Um 18 and I lived in America my whole life and ... Um my birthday is June 25th." My voice was still barley audible and i think it will be that way for a while.The doctors told me my birthday. 

"Oh, cool!" Niall spoke. 

"Harper, I put your stuff in your room, one of the boys can show you it." My dad smiles and I nod.

"I'll show her." Louis says. We walk up the stairs and he opens up a door. The room was amazing and big! It had light purple walls and big window. A king sized bed in the middle with blue sheets and a bunch of pillows. It had a dresser, a desk and those tables with a mirror on them. (A/N I forgot what their called) it also had a screen tv, and a laptop! And a walk in closet and a bathroom! It was perfect. "So, do you like it?" I nod.

"Thank you." I say.

"you're welcome, love. Do you want to come down or stay and rest?" He asks.

"I would like to sleep, please." He nods and then leaves. I look around my room and see and iPhone 5 sitting on the bed side table with a not, 

Dear Harper,

Here is a little present and I hope you like your room.

Love, dad. 

I smiled at the note and explored my room, after I felt tired and fell asleep.

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I went back downstairs and the boys were all sitting and talking. When they seen me they started asking questions.

"Boobear, why did your sister seem scared?" Haz asks.

"How come she flinched when we tried to hug her?" Nialler asks.

"Why was she so quiet?" Zayn asks.

"Why was she so, skinny?" Liam asks. Their all staring at me.

"I don't know guys, I don't know. It might have something to do with her past." I say

"What happens in her past?" Zayn asks.

"I wish I knew. Dad said she might tell us when she's ready." They all nod. "Liam, Zayn are Danielle and Perrie coming tomorrow?" 

"Yes, Dani's very excited to meet her." Liam says with a big smile.

"Yea, and so is Perrie." Zayn replies with a smile to.

"What about Eleanor?" Harry questions.

"Yea, she's coming to" I say with a smile. Then we just watched the tellie and ate some snacks and went to bed. But I can't help thinking what happens in Harper's past. Would she tell us? Or at least me?

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