Hi im Harper Tomlinson im 18 when i was younger my mum and i were in a car accident. i got out with a few cut and scratches but mum died on the impact of the accident. since then i have been forced to live with my abusive step-dad who would beat me everyday and would bring his friends over to beat me 10x worse and would let them rape me. i soon find out that my dad is Matt Tomlinson and i am Louis Tomlinson's sister. i finally became re-united with my real family.


2. Chapter 2

Beep... beep... beep... beep... GOD! What the heck is the annoying beeping sound??? I try open my eyes and after a couple of tries they finally open. All I see is white. There are white walls, white curtains, white cupboards just white everything! I turn my head around to try and find that annoying sound, I finally found it and tried turning it off but as soon as I moved my arm hurts! I look down and see I have bandages and scars everywhere, oh god I can't even remember anything! Soon I hear the door opening and a lady walks in she smiles, I smile back.

"I'll go get the doctor." DOCTOR? Why am I at the hospital? What happened? Then I remembered everything, my step-dad, bobby, the beatings and the... r-rape. I'm so into my thought I don't even realize the doctor coming in.

"Hi, Miss. Tomlinson. I'm gla-" I cut him off.


"Yes?" He asks confused.

"Is that my last name?" I ask shocked.

"Yes, why..?"

"I didn't know..." I said slightly embarrassed.

"Oh. Um, anyways, uh you have been in a coma for the last 3 days" 
I silenty thought about what was going on.
"You have lots of cuts, a broken rib an you have many, many bruises." He says sympathetically. " you will be staying over night tonight and will be treated then tomorrow you will be able to go home."
I can't my stepdad will kill me! I guess he saw that I was scared because he said, "oh, sweetie don't be scared, your stepdad is in prison. You'll be going to a new home."

"What do you mean new home?"

"Well, we found out your father is Matt Tomlinson so you will be going to live with him in Doncaster." 

"Okay" I replied quietly, quite worried about my new start.

"You'll be leaving to go on a plane first thing tomorrow and don't worry we have called him, he is ecstatic to meet you." He smiles "Now get some sleep."
With that he leaves and I fall into a peaceful dream about my mother. But I'm still terrified what if my stepdad gets out and finds me...

•*•*•*•* Matt's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I just got a call from the hospital telling me that I have a daughter from America! I know who the miter is why wouldn't Karen ever tell me! Anyway, the doctor asked if Harper can come live with me because she has been abused by her stepfather and her mother has died. Poor thing I feel bad! How am I going to tell Louis? I mean he will be very mad, he is on break for 1 month with his bandmates and their all staying here. I'm just worried of how he'll take it. I guess we're we're just going to have to find out.

"Louis, can you come in here for a second?" I call out.

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

"Louis, can you come in here for a second?" My dad called out.

"Alright" I walk into the kitchen and see him. Just by looking at his face I know something isn't right. "What's wrong dad?"

"Look, Louis I have to say something, listen to everything I say before you say anything, got it?"
He sounded serious so I just nodded. 
"Well, I've just gotten a call from a hospital in America and they told me they would like for me to take in my daughter" 
"wait what daughter?"
" her mum died when she was 5 and her step dad has gone to prison."
I was beyond pissed! "L-" I cut him off.

"DAD WHAT THE HECK? YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER? SINCE WHEN? WHEN WERE YOU PLANNING ON TELLING ME ABOUT THIS? I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!" I shouted, but by this point all the boys were in the kitchen listening.

"Louis, listen. I didn't know I ha a daughter Karen, her mother never told me! It happened a while ago when I was on my business trip to America by that time you were only 2 I got drunk one night and it happened! She will be here tomorrow"

"OH, SO YOU CHEATED ON MUM?!?!" I'm furious

" yes, I was drunk"


"yes.... I told her because I couldn't stand seeing her every day and lying to her."

"Fine.Tell me about her."

"Her name is Harper Tomlinson, she's 18 and your sister." The boys and I are listening.

"Is that all?"

"Yes and she will be here tomorrow. NOW ONE RULE IS THAT GUYS FOR ALL YOU BOYS DO NOT ASK HER ABOUT HER PAST SHE WILL TELL YOU WHEN SHE'S READY! UNDERSTAND?" dad says. There's replies of 'okays' and 'sures'

"Good night boys. Ill be picking her up tomorrow." With that he went upstairs. The boys all said congratulations and to not worry.

"Thanks guys. But one rule. So listen up, got it?" They all nodded. "This doesn't concern you Liam and Zayn since you guys have girlfriends, but Harry and Niall you guys are NOT allowed to date her, understand?" I said sternly.

"Don't worry mate." Niall said. I smiled.

"But Lou! What if she's fit?" Harry asked.



"You guys we should go to bed." Liam said. There were a chorus of 'good nights', then we were off to bed. I can believe I have a sister!

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•* 

"Wake up ms. Tomlinson, time to go to the airport" Someone was trying to shake me awake. After they tried for a couple minutes I woke up. "Come on, I'll give you your medicine and i'll call a cab for you to go to the airport." After she gave me the medicine, she called a cab. The cab came it was about to drive away when the doctor came out and said "WAIT! Miss Tomlinson here."
He handed me a bag.

"What's this?"

"We got you some clothes, considering you had none."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, now go."

-_-_-_-_- Airport -_-_-_-_-

I got out and the cab driver said it was on the house. I got in the airport and waited. 10 minutes later my flight was called I went through security and got on the plane.

While I was on the plane I was sleeping the whole time. But I kept thinking, 'what if they don't like me?', 'what if they think I'm weird?' so many questions were running through my head. I fell asleep..... 

"Miss, miss, wake up, we're here." She was shaking me and i flinched when I woke up.

"Thank you." She smiled and I walked off.

I was looking around until I seen a man with a sign that said 'HARPER TOMLINSON' I walked over to him and said. "Hi, I'm Harper Tomlinson." He turned around and tried hugging me I moved back, I'm not used to being touched, but whenever I am I get hurt.

•*•*•*•* Matt's P.O.V •*•*•*•* 

When I tried hugging her she flinched, she is so broken! I backed up and said, "Oh my Harper, it's so nice to meet you! You look just like your mother." Her face fell when I mentioned her mother.

"hi" is all she says

"Lets go get your bags and we will leave." I smiled. We walked to baggage claim and got her bag and then went into the car. I need to take her shopping she only had one bag!

"Harper, let me tell you that you have a older brother, Louis, and him and his bandmates are staying with us for their break. After his break him and his bandmates will be leaving, ok?" I ask

"Ok, is he famous?" I chuckle.

"Yes, he is very famous. That's why he didn't come pick you up, he would have got mobbed. His band is called One Direction and his bandmates are Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry." I smile. She nods.

"Harper, i'm very, very sorry!" I say sincerely. She looks at me confused.

"Why?" I sigh.

"First, for leaving you with that awful man, I know what he did to you and second for not being there for you." I say, tears welling up in my eyes.

"How'd you know?" Her voice is so long and it cracks at the end.

"The hospital told me." She nods.

"Please, don't tell anyone! I don't want them to feel sorry for me." She says her voice cracking.

"I won't, promise."

"Thanks." She lightly smiles.

"Um, mr. Tomlinson?"

"Harper, all me dad, please?" I beg. She nods and continues.

"Um.. dad, why didn't you want me? Like why did you leave?" Her voice cracking alot.

"Sweetie, I never knew about you, your mother never told me, if I did I would have stayed." She looks at me confused.

"But, m-mum said you were d-dead." WHAT?

"I guess your mum didn't want me to meet you." I say sadly. "Be happy, please?" She smiles lightly.

"Uhh... how long till we get to your home?" Its her home to now.

"Our home." I correct her, she smiles. "and about 20 minutes." She smiles and nods. "Harper?" She looks at me. "Why did you flinch when I tried to hug you?"

•*•*•*•* Harper's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

"Why did you flinch when I tried to hug you?" I sighed. I'll tell him, he like already knows.

"Well, i'm just not used to it, I mean i'm scared when ever my stepdad touched me he always abused me and the night I ended up in a hospital his friend, Bobby, r-raped me.." I cry. "and i've never been out of this room he kept me in for 13 years. He would always beat me, every day and sometimes give me no food." I finished now crying.

•*•*•*•* Matt's P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I want to kill that son of a bitch! She is crying. I pull over and hug her and tell her everything is going to be ok, she smiles and says thanks. She has been through so much.We continue to drive home in silence.

•*•*•*•* Louis' P.O.V •*•*•*•*

I can't believe I have a sister! Right now i'm looking out the window waiting for her to come! I text Eleanor, Liam text Danielle and Zayn text Perrie and they were all so excited! Niall is eating... surprise... Liam is texting Danielle and Harry and Zayn are playing video games. I continue to look out the window. Finally! She's here!

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