Hi im Harper Tomlinson im 18 when i was younger my mum and i were in a car accident. i got out with a few cut and scratches but mum died on the impact of the accident. since then i have been forced to live with my abusive step-dad who would beat me everyday and would bring his friends over to beat me 10x worse and would let them rape me. i soon find out that my dad is Matt Tomlinson and i am Louis Tomlinson's sister. i finally became re-united with my real family.


1. Chapter 1

Hey I'm Harper... actually I don't know my last name or even my birthday! Here's why, I've been trapped in this tiny room since I was 5 and now I'm 18! Fucking 18! I have absolutely no friends, no education, no nothing! My life is a living hell! Want to know why? Here I'll tell you...

•~•~• Harper's story •~•~•
My mom and I were on our way home from my first day at pre-school, when all of a sudden a spreading car comes out of nowhere and crashes right into the front of our car, full speed! My mom right away but I only had a few scratches.
After I can home my stepdad, notice how I said stepdad? Well, my dad left when I was born. I never met him! Anyways, my stepdad locked me in a room.
The room was a bit bigger then a closet. It had a tiny bathroom that had a sink, bathtub and toilet, the water was freezing cold. The room was empty except for a ripped blanket, a tiny pillow and a tiny tv that only had 1 channel on it and then channel was for old people. The last thing the room had was a window, the window was as small as my hand. 
I only got half of a water bottle and a piece of bread everyday sometimes nothing. For clothing he gave me really short shorts that could be considered underwear and a strapless tank-top. He would 're-new' them ever 6 months! 
He would lock the door from the outside so I can't get out, he would turn on the a.c all the way so I would freeze and he would beat me, EVER SINGLE DAY! Some days if I was really lucky all I would get was a couple slaps, a kick in the stomach and 1 while from his belt, but that rarely happened. Sometimes he would bring hi friends over who had a bad day and let them beat me and even… rape me.
•~•~• End of Harper's story •~•~•

Now I'm 18 and I'm STILL trapped here! My life has been this way for 13 years! 13 fucking years! Well that's a bit information about my shitty li-


Oh no! Oh no! Crap! My stepdad is home! Shit! He's angry very, very angry! I could tell from that slam! This is not gonna be a good day! I could feel it! Shit! He's coming up the stairs! Oh gosh! He's unlocking the-

"Hey bitch!" SHIT! ALCOHOL! He's drunk! I smell it from here! This is bad, horrible in fact it's never good when he's dr- OWW my left cheek is buzzing he slapped me, HARD! That's gonna leave a mark! What did I do for him to slap me?!?!

"NEXT TIME I SAY SOMETHING YOU BETTER ANSWER! UNDERSTAND DUMB-ASS!" I try nodding but it's no use his grip on my hair is so tight! Of he pulls any harder my head will explode!! "ANSWER"

"O-ok" I stutter.

"OK WHAT, YOU PIECE OF SHIT?!?!" OWW! He's pulling harder! Tears wheeling up in my eyes.

"O-ok da-daddy" he makes me call him daddy, it sickens me!

"Good" he smiles his creepy smile. "Now, want to know how my day went?" THIS IS NOT GOOD!


"We'll," he's sensing I'm scared! Shit his grip got harder! "I was late for work, I got 2 parking tickets,I missed lunch, my boss didn't like my work and I was tired all day." BAD " So, cunt, guess what?"


"Today was an awful day! Like the worst! So, you deserve to pay." ME?!?!

"Wh-what did I do? Why? I di-didn't do any-" OW MY RIGHT CHEEK! This hurt more then the last time? Tears are coming! 

"BITCH! STOP CRYING!" He kicked me and I feel to the floor he grabs my hair again and even tighter now! STOP BEING WEAK! "AND DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS!" Another slap! OMG BEHAVE HE GOT HIS BELT OUT!

"I-I-I'm so-sorry" 

"Awe, the l little hoe is scared. Don't be scared it won't be that bad" he chuckles. "What me to tell you what will happen?" His creepy smile!

"N-no th-thank y-you da-daddy" MY BACK I FELL TO THE GROUND HE WHIPPED ME OWWW!!!! He grabs my hair again an comes right into my face! He spits in my face. EW. And says,


"Y-yes." He smiles.

"Good. Well, I'm going to let you get ready for 1 hour, because this will be the worst beating of you life! After a hour is up ill come and we will get started. When I'm done it would put you in so much pain just to move a finger." OH MY GOD "and then i'll be done." We'll it's not to lo- "but guess what?" 


"Remember my friend Bobby?" I nod and gulp "we'll you see he also had a bad day. What to know what happened?" Scared!


"Well, he caught his girlfriend cheating so," NO NO NO. "He want to have a little 'fun' with you." My eyes are so wide they are gonna pop out of my head. "When he's done you'll get another beating," ANOTHER??? "And well bobby is stronger to his beating will hurt a lot more. And then after he is done you get NO food for today and then you're finished." WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ILL BE DEAD! He's staring at me, so I nod and he smiles. He knows I'm terrified. "Good get reading this will take a couple hours" he winks. Slaps me, I fall to the floor, he laughs, walks out, locks the door and now I'm alone.

••••• 1 hour later •••••
The door unlocks and my eyes widen! NO NO NO! I look at him pleading and he just laughs! 

"Awe, bitch don't be scared it won't hurt… just kidding" he laughs. ARE YOU KIDDING IM SCARED OUT OF MY MIND AND YOUR LAUGHING!?!?

"H-h-h-hi" I'm still SHAKING!

"Let's get started, shall we?" Gulp

He comes over grabs my hair and slams me against the wall. He starts kicking, punching, and slapping! HARD!! I'm crying uncontrollably and he's laughing. REALLY? He goes gets his belt and starts sipping me with the medal part!! This goes on for who knows how long and he has beaten me in different ways. Now he lets out a loud laugh and smiles while I'm on the floor and can't move. He comes over and kicks me his hardest and says, 

"Bobby will be here in 15 minutes" he smiles and leaves.

Meanwhile I'm crying and shaking!

••••• 15 minutes later •••••

I hear the door unlocking and opening. NOOO. 

"Hi, slut" Bobby sings.


He looks at me and smiles. He comes grabs my legs and drags me out of the room! He takes me to the restroom and… raps me...

••••• 30 minutes later •••••
Bobby takes me back to my room by dragging and starts beating me this hurts 10 times more then John (stepdad). He's beating me so hard my vision becomes blurry and black spots are everywhere. Next thing I know I'm unconscious.....

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