I Bullied Who

Alice, is the 'Bad Ass' around here. She sell's illegal items, sniffles cocaine, has an obsession over smoking, carries a gun in her back pocket and has simply been to jail, and hear me out, she's only eighteen. People always seem to be quit frighten of her as she walks down the school ground hallway, but she really doesn't seem to pay attention. Yes, she does what a normal bully would do for example betting up or injuring this particular person, or snatch their fresh green lunch money. Zayn Malik was in fact one of those particular people. She loved watching as a gush of blood stumbles down his nose, she loved giving him bruises. Well technically in other words she loved seeing him in pain that's all. But as times went on he auditioned on a hit television show called ..... The X Factor.But his returns soon came, bringing along with him four reckless lads. Would this one boy turn this'Trouble-Maker' Into a 'Goody Two-Shoe'.........

"I see your back for more, Malik?"

"Indeed I am,"


3. Chapter 3: Surprise, Surprise!


Peace and thank you, have a nice day.

Here's Chapter 3: Surprise, Surprise:




The sound of the engine was crackling at times of points, and in sync with a heart beat, but the only problem was it was only louder. The roar of the straight pipes. Few stray bands of hair slid down my lovely back, it was so lustrous they move like the ocean.

I took my thin, long-fingered hands off the controls and slicked back my blond locks. Where the end of my bangs interrupted my focus on the road, where it tickled up against my four-head. I came to a stop in the middle of the wood, gazing at an old abandoned cottage.

The disused wooden furniture have already gone rotting; stained with lichen while the curtains would hang limp and moth-eaten. Where every centimetre you step creaks with the voice of a hundred tortured souls.

"Ash? Hello?" I necessitate, as I briskly search for that crazy maniac. The howling wind ruffled my hair as my feet drag its way threw the moldy carpet. Hands enfolded my small figure, his hands clutch my hand, like Siamese twins conjoined at the wrist. Wet kisses were travelling down my neck, feeling someone bite onto my solid collarbones.

"Someone's already missing me," causing me to feel the vibration of his words on my neck.

"You must be a wizard," the corner of ash rich lips curled, involuntarily as he fought back hard as his cheeks swelled momentarily with the pressure, but it was no use. His laughter erupted, echoing down the corridor as he bent over. His laughter was enchanting to hear.

"I must be, I'm already am silly Billy," he rested his fragile head into my shoulder. "Babe I need to tell you something," He recommends, the room was dark receiving an uncomfortable smell of darkness. Ash making me uneasy as he randomly makes eye-contact once in a while, his piercing blue eyes buried me from inside, where I saw small paddles of green highlights.

"I'm running low on money, and I need your help," his voice was quite brittle, where it will develop into a croaky tone. A light-bulb apparently emerge into sight where it's glossy light blinded ashes eyes.

 "I have an Idea," but he surprised me by lifting one side of his mouth up into a smirk that could only be described as heartbreaking, as it did just that, and shattered my heart into a million little pieces.

"What could I do without you," he approached me still looking physically attractive. His lips were now hungrily attaching to my sweet spot, causing me to blurt out in loud moans. His fingertips fiddle with my loose buttons, as he couldn't be stuffed any more and ripped it of my fragile body. 

His hand's goose onto both ends of my bum cheeks, my fingers ran gently down his firm body receiving cute grunting.

"Your such a tease, just stick it down there," his posh accent flooded my ears as I smiled. I couldn't resist, but obey his orders. My palm mysteriously disappeared in his boxers grabbing hold of his dick moving it around. 

His hands explored me until it came to a stop, where he unclasped my pink laces bra. His kisses where wet and sloppy just how I liked them,  his hands were squeezing each side of my t*ts just to pleasure me. Where his fingers didn't fail to keep up, so they began rubbing it's self-upon my panties.

His lips sailed freely from my chest as I watch him immediately grasp on the sliver rotten door handle. Where it took it's time to shut, his hands felt up the smooth wall searching for the light switch. 

"Oh Alice," he chanted.

~10 Minutes later~

  "You know you don't have to do this," he whispered yell, causing me to drop the torch to the glossy wooden tile. My hands tremble not seeing where I was heading.

My attention was drawn to the small window ahead. As I drew nearer, I could make out the marks left by my small hands. The living-room is decorated beautifully. Paintings by famous artists are hung on the walls. At some point of night, the color neon light increase the beauty and coziness of the room, it was also well-furnished.

As we both charge through the living room door like wild bulls in an arena, Ash dashes to the side whizzing through this undignified persons wallet. Whilst I peer over to the side, trying to figure out the pin.

Eavesdropping on someone descending stairs, as we did the safest techniques which is ambush him. Which was often for robbers like myself, as we did the appropriate phrase we thought of. While watching him holding on to the rail with one hand, advancing the stronger leg first placing it on the step above where he was standing.

"Give me your fucking money, ass-hole," Ash points the silver pistol at the man who was up against the cobble stone-wall. 

"Listen babe if you show us the money we won't harm you, it's that simple," I identical my weapon towards him, as I deepen my gun in the crook of his neck. I laughed esoterically as he won't speak.

His face was smudged, imprinting finger tips upon the smooth surface of his cheek.the knife-reflection of cold metal, silver as a moon in the darkest night. His little face slackened; his brow furrowed - eyes darting about in concern as if he were searching for a place to hide.

I swung about to choke this son of a bitch when a brooding voice interrupted my thoughts.

                "Alice? What are you doing in my house!"               "Zayn,"

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