I Bullied Who

Alice, is the 'Bad Ass' around here. She sell's illegal items, sniffles cocaine, has an obsession over smoking, carries a gun in her back pocket and has simply been to jail, and hear me out, she's only eighteen. People always seem to be quit frighten of her as she walks down the school ground hallway, but she really doesn't seem to pay attention. Yes, she does what a normal bully would do for example betting up or injuring this particular person, or snatch their fresh green lunch money. Zayn Malik was in fact one of those particular people. She loved watching as a gush of blood stumbles down his nose, she loved giving him bruises. Well technically in other words she loved seeing him in pain that's all. But as times went on he auditioned on a hit television show called ..... The X Factor.But his returns soon came, bringing along with him four reckless lads. Would this one boy turn this'Trouble-Maker' Into a 'Goody Two-Shoe'.........

"I see your back for more, Malik?"

"Indeed I am,"


2. Chapter 2: Chirping Birds Always Die


    "I see your still standing," I scoffed, failing to make eye contact.

 "Why wouldn't I," a dirty smile spread across his lips in a matter of minutes, oh how I despised when he did that.

    His muscular hands traced my unshaped red locker, his strong figure leaned against a wooden splintered door just ahead of me, preventing me from passing through. I could thoroughly hear his gulp deepen in ever second, which gave me a hint that he was frighten.

  "Look pretty boy, you don't want to go toed to toed with me, so I suggested you to end the conversation now or you'll be hearing from my knuckles," I sharply pointed out, roughly trying to seem polite, but sadly failed miserable at that too.

  "I see you haven't changed a bit," he reasoned, my head turned sixty degrees to the left, his face was directly facing the cobble stone floor, in such a weird angel. My knuckles clenched, as I greeted my teeth.

  "Look I don't have time to play your fucked up games, I have people to see and business to do," 

   "I'm the boy who you teased and threatened every single day, terrified of what my mum would think of me when she discovers the hidden bruises you gave me, the boy that you stole their lunch money leaving that person starving the whole day craving for food. And if you still don't remember me, you should burn in hell,"

  My mouth slightly opened, as the color from my face was draining as I stared wide-eye. I reach into my back pocket where the metal from the barrel glinted brightly into his eye's. As I watch him panicking as he traced the metal object, I took the safety off, where the gun in my hand was directly pointed at this boy.

  I had enough with his fun and games, no one should disrespect me like that. He stared helplessly into my brown muddy eye's, now I controlled his life with this gun. But as I was about to pull the trigger a boy with brown curly locks whipped it out of my palms.

   I was shooting daggers at the bundle of curly locks kid. His eye's were a soft blue color  feeling as if you were protective by a barrow. His lips were plump, filled with luscious. He had some handsome features as a smirk was hooked onto his perfect pare of lips as he just caught me staring.

  "Easy love," his soothing voice brushes against my ears feeling if I was shot with an eclectic cord.

  "Don't tell me what to do, asshole," my face turned red, noticing how furious I become. My elbow repeatedly was nudging into his chest, where he made contact with the wall. His body failed to keep standing, and slid to the floor, just like a sack of potatoes.

   In stepped a boy with blond hair with streaks of brown on each side, that was perfectly formed into a quiff. He had white braces that hid behind his rich natural pink lips. He was very sensitive around  my fragile waist, as he loosen it.

  "Get the fuck off me, sickos," 

  "You really don't remember me," he regained his self esteem, and finally had the courage to look at me. He seemed quit hurt, but I finally recognized him ........ Zayn? he had a jagged line running down his neck as new flesh shown.

  My heart tends to beat faster, I get a tight congestion build up in my chest as If I can't breathe. The thought of what he might do next frightened me. Wait, I'm not afraid of no one.

   "Why the hell are you back, you'll never know if you would wake up in the morning still alive" I spat, I steady myself in the arms of the boy with the buzz cut.

   "Management told us lads that we could visit are family for a month,"

  "Well if you wouldn't mine, but could you tell your friend over here to stop poking their fingers into my breast," I smiled.

   I continued to walk, feeling as if I felt empty. That I was forgetting something, my gut made circles, where butterflies exploded into my tummy, feeding on my flesh. Was I? No this can't happen.

   "Forgetting something," his voice stopped me in my tracks, watching him twirl my gun in between his index finger. He tossed it around as he knew that it would make me pissed. I contained my anger, failing to keep a smile.

  "Ha ha, give it back jackass," I growled

   I exited into the main doors, where my metal gun was safe and sound in my back pocket. Chirping from birds brought music to my ear. I have an amazing bird eye view of my surrounding. The blistering sun has risen, as a bead of sweat tumbles down my four-head.

   I suddenly slowed down to an excruciating pace, once more taking a glance at the chirping birds. I could feel my pulse pounding through my body, as my hands tremble, rising at a maximum height. Firing the trigger, my ears ring uncontrollably. The bird flap's it's wings trying to boost it's energy, but flopped onto the floor.

  I didn't look surprised, seeing as the bird was now coated with red blood. I smirked, I tipped toed around my motorcycle driving off like nothing ever happened

   Now time to do business?


What does she mean business anyone got any ides, if so leave them the comments. Don't forget to vote and share, and also fan and maybe put this book in your reading list. Xoxo :D

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