I Bullied Who

Alice, is the 'Bad Ass' around here. She sell's illegal items, sniffles cocaine, has an obsession over smoking, carries a gun in her back pocket and has simply been to jail, and hear me out, she's only eighteen. People always seem to be quit frighten of her as she walks down the school ground hallway, but she really doesn't seem to pay attention. Yes, she does what a normal bully would do for example betting up or injuring this particular person, or snatch their fresh green lunch money. Zayn Malik was in fact one of those particular people. She loved watching as a gush of blood stumbles down his nose, she loved giving him bruises. Well technically in other words she loved seeing him in pain that's all. But as times went on he auditioned on a hit television show called ..... The X Factor.But his returns soon came, bringing along with him four reckless lads. Would this one boy turn this'Trouble-Maker' Into a 'Goody Two-Shoe'.........

"I see your back for more, Malik?"

"Indeed I am,"


1. Chapter 1: Long Time No See


So this is my first chapter, go easy on me. I really suck at writing but I would love to see your positive comments. So I need a favor just comment what you think, Maybe like it. And or put this book in your reading list. Thank you guys for reading, Hope you enjoy it. Cross your fingers. So yeah here's chapter 1 .....................


You Look Familiar:

  My eyelids slowly closed against the dim lights, breathing deep feeling my body relaxed. Rarely hearing voices over lapping each other. Lately I tend to sleep in class often, normally getting caught ever second. 

  "Miss White, school is not a place for people who lie around sleeping ...... Miss White," 

   Once again being caught red-handed, isn't that great. But I really didn't seem to care, it was a daily routine for me. Your asking how, well I mostly get in trouble pretty often and I have no one to pet me. So I'm living my fantasy life. 

   "Well get use to it because I'll be doing it for a while. Now go and give your wife header," 

  He tried to scream, but his lips were frozen in disgust. He went for it once more, but failed. Feeling as if a rope was tied around his lips, he was useless. He had just been muzzled.

   "Yeah, that's what I thought so," I trailed off the sentence, forcing my palms on my teachers white V neck sweater, pushing him aside. 

  So if you haven't noticed, but I represent the school as the 'Trouble Maker' and I treat it with pride. Well it was empty so I decided to fill in, and well I made the cut.

  My arms sway, simultaneously, back and forth as I break myself out of English class. Yes, freedom baby!

  Strolling my way down school grounds over hearing people gossip about ...... Issues I consider? But I didn't let that dig into my skin. I kept the pace, and smiled as I feel my dimple's poke through my ruby, soft red cheeks. With confidence building up in me.

   Coming to a stop at my locker finding the usual girl spreading utterly stupid rumors about me.

 "Ew, she's so ugly, what do guys see in her," I eavesdrop, Increasing confident, but being as the mature one here I'll do the right thing and walk away.

 "What, did you look at yourself in the mirror again, smart ass," Well not technically, don't complain.

  "Clothes doesn't define beauty, I wear what I feel. What have people done to this generation, this is just a blob of hullabaloo," 

  I was terribly interrupted by the wooden splintered door swinging wide open, entering five boys, shadow figures crowded by them I assume. They must really adore them?

 In my opinion they look such charming gentlemen, but as a picky girl like me, they certainly weren't my type. 

   My eyes observe every speck of them realizing one thing.

 "Well, we meet again Miss White," A deep husky voice spoke, peering around my locker meeting his chocolate brown ones.

  "Not you!"


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