The Raft

Jodie is an experienced traveler. She's taken the flight from Honolulu to CA where her parents live many of times. When she has to get to CA in a hurry, she takes the next cargo flight at the last minuet. She knows the pilot, Louis, but there are two new copilots, Liam and Harry. Everything is going great until a storm hits during the flight. Jodie and her two other passengers, Zayn and Niall, doesn't panic until the engine suddenly cuts out and Harry yells at her to put on a life jacket and she sees him struggle with a raft. And then... shes in the water. Fighting for her life. Liam and Harry pull her onto the raft and that's when the real terror starts. They have no water. Their only food is a bag of Starbursts. There are sharks. There is an island. But there is no sign of help on the way. Will Jodie and her new friends survive? What about the sharks? Will help be on the way? Read to fine out.


2. One

 The lady with the blond, purple dip-died hair was just standing there waiting. "Ok, im ready." i said trying to sound confident. "Its about time." she replied with a snotty attitude. I closed my eyes and waited. then I felt it. A sting. That was it. I looked down at my new belly botton percing. It had a little pearl with a little sailors anchor attached onto it. " Its beautiful!" I exclaimed " Glad you like it." she said. The my Aunt Kristen came in and asked " How was it? let me see it!" I showed it to her and she said " Its beautiful. Now get you things and lets go." " Alright ill be out in a moment." I respnded. I just got a call from my Mom and she said that my Grandfather and sudenly unexpectdly passed away and that io need to come home. My Aunt promised me that I could get a pericing before I left. I jumped into the car and we drove to the airport. "Oh god Jodie!" Aunt Kristen yelled " What?' i asked " Your plane is about to leave!" We ran past the termanal and finally found my plane. It was a little cargo plane with two passangers boarding it. I ran to board it and turned to wave at my Aunt Kristen but the pilot was pushing me through the tunnel. I got into the plane and I realized that there were two other passengers along with me. "Hello! I'm Jodie!" I say introducing myself. "Hey I'm Zayn." He said. "And I'm Niall. " he said happily. "Hello Zayn and Niall!" I say. "Attention passengers, the plane will be leaving in five minuites please fasten your seatbelts please!" I heard over the intercom. And then, I'm up in the air flying abound the clouds.

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