The Raft

Jodie is an experienced traveler. She's taken the flight from Honolulu to CA where her parents live many of times. When she has to get to CA in a hurry, she takes the next cargo flight at the last minuet. She knows the pilot, Louis, but there are two new copilots, Liam and Harry. Everything is going great until a storm hits during the flight. Jodie and her two other passengers, Zayn and Niall, doesn't panic until the engine suddenly cuts out and Harry yells at her to put on a life jacket and she sees him struggle with a raft. And then... shes in the water. Fighting for her life. Liam and Harry pull her onto the raft and that's when the real terror starts. They have no water. Their only food is a bag of Starbursts. There are sharks. There is an island. But there is no sign of help on the way. Will Jodie and her new friends survive? What about the sharks? Will help be on the way? Read to fine out.


5. Four

I froze. My heart pounded. The floatation device was still in my lap. I couldn't bear to look at it. Nine of this was real. Everything was all fuzzy like a TV with no signal. The plane bounced all over and the. The plane began to dive. My belly strained against my seatbelt. I just went into a ball and screamed. I felt something on ly shoulder. It was Harry. He shook me hard. "Listen to me! If you want to get out of here alive then you half to listen!" He yelled. I simply nodded. "The plane should stay a float for five minuits. We've got to get the raft out the window exit and then inflate it. You can't inflate it until it goes out the window understand?!" He said. I just nodded again. Five more minuits and then were down. Get your life vest on and get ready to exit. Hurry or we..." Harry stopped "or we'll go down with the plane. " I nodded a third time. He stumbled back to te cockpit. Things suddenly got worse. There were new sounds. High pitched squeaks and shrieks. It sounded like something in a horror movie. Harry suddenly came tumbling down the isle. He ripped the exit window open and there was a sudden burst of air and rain in my face. Harry included my seatbelt and picked me up bridal style and stepped out on the wing. "My life vest!" I shouted. "Hold your breath and kick to the surface. The raft will be there." He screamed. And the he threw me out into the ocean.
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