Images (cover contest)

You can request and image for anyone you want, for example, one direction, the wanted the ready set, the ready set, Justin bieber or, Ed sheeran. Or you can put in your name and a crush or anything really! Have fun! Just comment the names and anything that might be useful for the image.


7. Sabitha And Niall


*Warning: some language*


Your parents had invited you and your boyfriend over to their house for dinner that night. You had bought a new dress, worked on your hair for two hours, spent another hour on your makeup, and another hour making sure Niall looked nice. You wanted him to make a good impression, since this was the first they would be meeting him. You were on your way over, Niall driving, and you were leaning against the door, dreading the evening.

Niall glanced over at you. “Don’t be so worried, Saibi-“

“How can’t I be worried!?!” you shrieked suddenly, sitting up. “Niall, this is terrible! They’ll hate you, I know they will!”

“Thanks,” Niall grumbled.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, just…Niall, please make sure that if they offer wine, don’t take more than one glass, they are so prejudice against people who drink too much. And don’t cough if my dad smokes his cigars, they reek, but act like it doesn’t bother you. And make sure to stand if my mom isn’t sitting and offer to help her in the kitchen, and for heaven’s sake, don’t curse, they would be so mad-“

“Sabitha, don’t worry, princess, I’ve got this,” Niall reassured you.

You looked at him uncertainly. “I don’t know. Sometimes you lose your head-“

“I don’t lose my head! Damn, Sabitha, it’s like you’re trying to-“

“Don’t say damn in front of my parents!”

“Okay, okay, sorry,” Niall said, glaring at you slightly.

You sighed. “This could be the worst night ever…” you said, closing your eyes as the car slowed down at an intersection.

You suddenly felt Niall lean over right next to you. “Babe, it’s alright. I promise. What’s the worst that can happen? They hate my guts. So what? I’ve still got you. …and you’ve got me…”

Opening your eyes, you looked into Niall’s bright blue ones. You could see that he truly loved you and would try his best to make your parents like him. You smiled. “You’re right, Ni. I love you, baby.”

“Love you more, princess,” he said, kissing you gently.

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