Images (cover contest)

You can request and image for anyone you want, for example, one direction, the wanted the ready set, the ready set, Justin bieber or, Ed sheeran. Or you can put in your name and a crush or anything really! Have fun! Just comment the names and anything that might be useful for the image.


6. Lexi And Niall


You and Niall were hanging out in your apartment that you shared one rainy afternoon.You were both bored to death and trying to think of something to do to entertain yourselves.”Um,we could watch tv?” Niall suggested.”Niall,honey,we’ve done that all day for three days straight.”

“Okay.Hmm,we could go for a walk?”

“It’s pouring rain.” you said,giving him a look to say ,no way.

“Ummm,we could go shopping?”

“You hate shopping.”

“Yeah,but I’ll go if you want to.”

“That’s okay.It’s too cold and wet to go anywhere.Hmmm,we could make cookies?!” you suggested.

Niall’s eyes lit up.”Foooood.”

“Haha,I’ll take that as a yes.” you said as you went to the kitchen to gather the ingredients,Niall following you eagerly.

“Okay.So first we put in the flour.” you told Niall as you watched him measure the flour and dumping it in the bowl,getting flour everywhere.”Niall!”

“What?” he said,looking at you innocently.

“You got it everywhere.”

“They’ll taste better.” he tried to convince you.

“Mhm.Next,we put in the oil.I’ll do that.” you said,shooting him a glance.You carefully measured the oil and gently put it in.”See,that is how you do it.Gently.” you coached Niall.”Yeah,yeah.How much longer until we get to eat ?” he said impatiently.”Just be patient.” you told him as you finished putting in the rest of the ingredients and stirred it all together.”Now can we eat?Please,please,please?!”

“Not yet,Niall.We have to bake them.” you told him as you slid the cookie tray in the oven and kissed his nose.While you waited for the cookies to bake,you and Niall told each other stories about your childhood.Finally,the timer went off and the cookies were done.”Cookies!” Niall said excited as you took them out of the oven and set them on the counter.He grabbed on and started eating it.” Niall,you’re supposed to let them cool down.”


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