Images (cover contest)

You can request and image for anyone you want, for example, one direction, the wanted the ready set, the ready set, Justin bieber or, Ed sheeran. Or you can put in your name and a crush or anything really! Have fun! Just comment the names and anything that might be useful for the image.


8. Emily And Zayn


You stare at the clock on the classroom wall. “Great, only 3 hours to go.”, you murmur grouchily. It was the second week of third semester and you were stuck in English Class. And the worst part was your grumpy old teacher Mr. Johnson.

All you could think about was your boyfriend. Zayn. His warm brown eyes framed with long dark curly lashes. His smile that would brighten even your worst-est days. “Emily can you repeat what I just said?”, your teacher asked you expecting you to not know what to say.

Luckily you were paying a bit of attention. “Yes, you said we have to finish the William Shakespeare inspired paper by Tuesday.”, you answer with a small smile. Your teacher grunts in response before continuing to talk about who knows what. You just wanted to be with Zayn. 

To you he was perfect. Every flaw people criticized him on made him even more perfect to you. You missed him very much.  You sigh.

“Mr. Johnson sorry to interrupt your class, but Emily needs to pack her things and go to the office.” said on of the hall monitors stepping into the classroom. Mr. Johnson nodded at you. The only thing you had taken out was your pen so you put it in your pocket and slipped your backpack on your shoulder. 

When you arrived at the office, there stood Zayn casually chatting with the old lady at the main desk. “Hello Emily.'' he said as you walked towards him. “Hey” you said softly hugging him around his waist, “what are you doing here?”. “I’ve been thinking about you all day, so I decided to bring you home with me.”, he simply replies. You giggle a bit before stepping out of his embrace to get your slip.

“Have a nice day. And you young man, take good care of the lady”, the elderly woman said waving at both of you. You waved back. Zayn took your backpack off your shoulders and carried it instead. “So young man, what are we going to do today?”, you ask Zayn mocking the lady. He stops, turns you toward him and kisses you. You both smile into the kiss. “Anything you’d like love.”, Zayn replied before kissing your nose.

He intertwines his fingers with yours as you both walk to his car.  You smile not really caring what you did. As long as you were out of that hellhole and had Zayn by your side you were happy.

Hey! My first zayn one! Yay! No copyright intended! Hope you like it!

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