Images (cover contest)

You can request and image for anyone you want, for example, one direction, the wanted the ready set, the ready set, Justin bieber or, Ed sheeran. Or you can put in your name and a crush or anything really! Have fun! Just comment the names and anything that might be useful for the image.


5. Emily and Niall


“So, any hobbies?”Niall said.You were on your first date with Niall Horan.”Well I love volleyball.”You said smiling.”Cool ! You any good?”He said, sounding impressed.”Thats your decision to make.”.”You on a team?”.”yeahh.”.”Whens your next match, Will come and watch you?”He said.You thought, what if you messed up that would be embarressing, but you didnt think he would mind.”Tomorrow at 11am.”.”Can I come and watch?”.You nodded smiling.

*next day*

You walked out onto the volleyball pitch with your team.You looked over to where a small crowd was forming.You saw Niall sitting with sunglasses and a hat on, trying to lie low.You shot him a quick wave.He waved back discretly.You turned back to the game and started playing.On the other team was this girl who you had an on going arguement with, and she kept giving you evil looks.You shrugged it off.When you started the game, the girl deliberatly hit you with the volleyball.”HEY!”You heard someone yell from the crowd.You turned to see Niall standing up, looking mad.You ran over.”Niall its fine.”.”no its not, she hurt you on purpose.”he said frowing.The girl ran over all innocent, obviously relising it was the famous Niall Horan.”Oh Emily Im soo sorry.”She said twirling her hair.Niall rolled his eyes and looked back at you.”Are you ok?”He said calming down.You nodded.He shot the girl a bad look before sitting back down.”Why does he care so much about you?”The girl said turning horrible again as you walked away.”We’re dating.”.


No copyright intended! Hope you like it! 


Hayley Renee Bell

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