Images (cover contest)

You can request and image for anyone you want, for example, one direction, the wanted the ready set, the ready set, Justin bieber or, Ed sheeran. Or you can put in your name and a crush or anything really! Have fun! Just comment the names and anything that might be useful for the image.


13. Cammie And Louis

''Louis I can't do this anymore.'' I tell my boyfriend. Me and Louis have been going out for almost three months now and hhe's been seeing another girl off and on the whole time. ''Do what Cammie?" Louis yells at me. ''This, you and your other girl.'' I scream back. I shake my head getting my things into a  bag. ''I'm done.'' I whisper slamming the door behind me. He doesn't follow me, he doesn't run out into the pouring rain and kiss me, telling me he loves me. Its because he doesn't. There's one more thing I should mention. I'm six months pregnant with his baby. Its a boy, we used to joke about how Louis wanted to name him Tommo The Tomlinson Jr.  I guess that'll never happen. I slowly trudge off to who knows where, when someone pulls up behind me. "Hey babe, need a lift?'' A man asks. "No, I'm fine the is though." I slightly smile. "Oh come on get in the car.'' He said a little more forceful. "I said no." I started to walk faster even though every fiber of my body wanted to run back to Louis's. "Get In the car!" He stopped and got out coming to me. "Leave her alone!" Someone behind the man yelled. I look up in surprise. "Louis?"  I whisper. "I'm sorry baby, just come home please." He begged. "She's coming with me." The man growled, he turns to Louis and punches him in the nose. "Ouch." Louis yelled. I run over to him. He stood up slowly and grabbed the by his shirt and tossing him into his still open car door. "Now you'd better just drive off because if you even look at my girl one more time I will gladly smash your face into the sidewalk." Louis yelled to the man. Then he picked me up bridal style and carried me home, kissing me and telling me how much he loves me and how sorry he is.


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