Anything Can Happen

You're boyfriend Zayn is an agressive, drunk, and you never expect what will happen. Follow Taylor through this story of terror, joy, and sadness, as she finds out that this just might be the worst year of her life...


10. Zayn's back

Did they just say they would kill me?? They had to be joking who would do that? These girls only looked about 13-14 years old they would never!

"I see you're joking, you guys got me!" I said, I started laughing nervously.

"No were not. Any last words you bitch because we are going to kill you for what you did. You killed Louis, you ruined Zayn's life and your father made him insane, and now you are pregnant with Liam's baby? Now you're ruining Liam's life too? What are you going to do next hurt innocent little Niall? That's the only persons life you haven' completely ruined yet! After him what are you going to do? Move onto the wanted? Ruin their career to? Is that what you do?" said one girl.

"You need to die." Said the one holding the knife. She pulled the knife out ready to stab me and I just stood there in shock. Right as the knife was about to hit me. A hand grabbed the girls wrist. I looked over and it was Liam. 

"Are you kidding me? You were willing to kill her? So what if somethings aren't the same anymore! IT'S NOT HER FAULT!" he was yelling now. "It's her fathers! And the fact that you would kill her while shes carrying MY CHILD, hurts me even more. Get the hell out of here before I call the cops on you! I never want to see your faces again!"  

   The girls looked shocked... they hesitated and ran away. I looked at Liam with tears pouring down my face, and I noticed he had tears in his eyes. I kissed him softly then hugged him as tight as I could. I didn't want to let go, I felt so safe in his arms. 

  We decided to go home, since I was a little bit overwhelmed. We just sat on the couch and watched some tv so I could calm down before we went to go see Zayn. We decided that we would only spend an hour with Zayn, before.. ye know. Because I just couldn't handle it. We went down the the mental facility and they immediatly brought us down to the room. The doctor sat down infront of us with Niall and Harry infront of us. 

"We know how to cure Zayn." The doctor said. 

"Oh my god!!! What will you have to do!!!" I asked shocked.

"Well we have to wait until the pills come back again, then give him the medicine to fix him. Then we have to wait for about 10 minutes for him to go back to normal. We only have 20 minutes until he goes crazy, so we have to get the medicine in him within ten minutes of him going crazy." 

I ran to the doctor and hugged him. The boys giggled under their breath. I walked over to Zayn, who was in a separate room. 

"Zayn they can fix you! You'll be you again!! Forever!!! I'm so happy!" I said. I just couldn't stop smiling.

"Yah! I know, I'm so re-leaved  now we can be together again!" He said. I couldn't believe he said that.... Does this mean I'm now going to have to choose between Liam and Zayn.... I didn't know what to say.. I mean I was pregnant with Liam's child, but...  I loved Zayn first.... I didn't know what to say.

"Yahhh..." I said nervously. I hugged him and told him I had to leave.

Zayn had 2 minutes left until he went crazy. The doctors had to hold him down and give him a needle and after 10 minutes he would be himself.

  Liam was hugging me while we were waiting for Zayn to go crazy, and Harry and Niall waited anxiously. Boom. In seconds he went crazy he was yelling and screaming calling me and the boys name and freaking out. One doctor grabbed him and just jabbed the needle into his arm, Zayn yelled, but the doctor injected the medicine, and ran out the door before Zayn could hurt him. 

Zayn was punching the wall and yelling but we could slowly see him slowing down. He finally sat on the ground and just looked at us.

"Am I back? Am I normal? Did it work?" He said.

"Yes Zayn, you are now able to leave!" Said the doctor. We all ran in and hugged Zayn. We were all so happy.

"I love you Taylor!" He said. Liam looked at me confused and Zayn was waiting for a reply.

Who was I supposed to choose? I didn't know, I mean I loved Zayn first, but I'm pregnant with Liam's child and I love Liam now too... I just didn't know who to choose. When we got home I took Niall into another room, and asked him for some advice

Who would you like to see Taylor choose?? Comment Zayn or Liam, and the one with the most votes is who Taylor will choose in the end! Also if you have any other ideas for the fanfic I would love to see your opinions so please comment! As soon as I have 5 votes for one guy I will start writing the next chapter!!!!"

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