Anything Can Happen

You're boyfriend Zayn is an agressive, drunk, and you never expect what will happen. Follow Taylor through this story of terror, joy, and sadness, as she finds out that this just might be the worst year of her life...


4. Who's the father?

Liam just stood there. He walked over to the couch, sat down and buried his face into his hands. 

"Liam... are you okay?" I asked. I didn't know what to say.

"I just. How could you be pregnant. Like it's wonderful but it could ruin your life. You have so much to live for." He said.

"I know. But I decided to keep it. I can't just send my child away to someone I don't know. But what are we going to do about One Direction, I mean they're reputation. The paparazzi will eventually find out that there's a 1D baby... what will they say. I mean I'm  3 years younger than you, and that's okay, but the fact that a 16 year old is pregnant isn't something that's considered normal." I said. I was nervous to what he would say back. To be honest, I felt embarrassed that we were reckless enough to let this happen, but I knew I had o move on.

"But Taylor is it my child? Or is it Zayn's? I mean he did terrible things, but it could be his, you have to get a DNA test." he answered. Even though I felt bad for Liam, I prayed that it wasn't Zayn's child, Zayn was horrible, and I didn't want to be a single mother... 

 The next day we were able to get a DNA test, luckily they already had Zayn's DNA because he was famous., so we didn't have to get him to come. I was nervous, we had to come back the next day to receive our answers. 

We stepped out of the door and of course there were the paparazzi. My stomach wasn't showing yet, but they knew what we were getting the DNA test for. Now it would be all over the news. Liam grabbed my hand and we ran to the car as all the paparazzi asked questions like...

"Are you really pregnant Taylor?"

"Who's the father?"

The worst of all was when one of them said.

"How were you stupid enough to get pregnant. I hate you

It couldn't have been a reporter, and when I turned around I saw it... it was a fan. Now that this has happened. I will get hate for the rest of my life. Who knows how many more fans will turn on me. I mean, obviously on twitter I've gotten hate before, I was dating Zayn Malik and Liam Payne was my best friend and I always got to hang-out with 'the boys' but now that I was pregnant.... who knows what will happen. 

   We finally reached the car, and Liam started driving the paparazzi followed, but eventually we lost them, and went back to the house. When we got there, I just ran upstairs into the bedroom, and started crying, Liam came up and hugged me.

"Babe everything will be okay, don't worry. Obviously we have enough money to care for the baby, and no matter who's child it is, I'll help you." Liam said, trying to comfort me.

"It's not that." I said. "My life is over, most of your fans used to tweet me or walk up to me and say that Im so sweet and nice and funny... you know what one fan came up to me and said. They said I was stupid for getting pregnant and that they hate me. That really hurt, and I mean I'm only 16, I won't be able to live like normal 16 year olds, I won't be able to go to parties and get drunk and have a good time, I'll be stuck at home taking care of a baby." I started crying even more. 

"Babe, adoption is always an option you don't have to keep the baby." 

"I know I don't have too, but in my eyes I need to. This is my child, and I can't just give her away, I could never do that no matter how horrible my life is." I answered back. I was terrified. 

 I had an exhausting day and just decided to go to bed. It was hard but, I managed to get some sleep. The next day I woke-up and felt sick, I ran to the washroom and threw up again. Liam came and held my hair, I felt horrible. We went downstairs and ate some breakfast then went to the DNA office. When we got inside, they handed us an envelope that had our answers. I had Liam open it, I was too nervous to see what name it said. Liam read it with a blank look, then a smile came across his face.

"It's mine... it's my kid!" He said. 

"Oh my god!" I said. We hugged each other. We thanked the office and walked out the door. Of course there were even more paparazzi then yesterday. They asked even more questions, Liam tried to pull me away. But I decided instead of them having to make up romours, I would tell them the truth. I whispered to Liam.

"Can I just tell them whats what. Or do you want to wait.?" I whispered.

"Do what you want babe, I just want you to be happy." He answered. 

I walked over to one of the reporters and said.........

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