Anything Can Happen

You're boyfriend Zayn is an agressive, drunk, and you never expect what will happen. Follow Taylor through this story of terror, joy, and sadness, as she finds out that this just might be the worst year of her life...


3. Surprise

I woke-up screaming, I called for Liam as loud as I could. He came running into the door and hugged me. I was crying, the tears were just pouring down my face, I couldn't control it, I was terrified. 

"What happened Taylor?" Liam asked with concern in his voice. 

"I just had... this horrible dream" I said. " It was Zayn and he was looking for me and I was running away from him in this forest... I tripped, and I couldn't get up... then he came up to me and he...he...he" I couldn't even say the words. I was mortified, and I knew I would be like this for a while. Liam slid towards me and hugged me. 

"Don't worry Taylor. I'll protect you. I won't leave your side." Liam said. I was so glad I had him. He was amazing. I layed down, and Liam got up to leave.

"No, please stay." I said. Liam crawled onto the bed and layed beside me, he put is arm over top of me, and we both slowly fell asleep. I felt so much safer once I was in his arms. 

*1 week later*

After a week, I had started regaining my senses. I still had nightmares, but I learned to deal with them. As for Liam, we were getting closer, and I was able to get closer because I learned to forget about Zayn. All these years, I really did love Liam.. I just hid it. 

    That night we were watching a movie. Liam chose it, and he decided Toy Story. We both loved that movie. After the movie was over we walked upstairs, we sat on the bed and started talking. Suddenly Liam leaned in, and we kissed. It moved further and further, until he was unbuttoning my shirt. I was nervous, but I continued. I knew I had to get over my fear, and I did really love Liam. I pulled of his shirt and he got on top of me. 

  After  a while, we threw on some pjs, and went to sleep. 


"Good Morning Beautiful" he said, and he kissed me on the cheek.

"Good Morning" I said with a smile on my face. The next few days, were pretty normal. We joked around, we watched movies, we just made the best out of it.

*2 Weeks Later*

I woke-up and immediately ran to the washroom. I was sick to my stomach. I felt horrible. I had huge cravings. I decided that just to be careful I would take a pregnancy test. I didn't tell Liam though, because my parents had put me on birth control since I turned 16, there was no way I could have been.... We didn't use protection the other night. 

   I ran to Liam shocked, I could barley form a sentence.

"Babe what is it? What's wrong?" He sounded concerned.

"I'm pregnant" 

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