Anything Can Happen

You're boyfriend Zayn is an agressive, drunk, and you never expect what will happen. Follow Taylor through this story of terror, joy, and sadness, as she finds out that this just might be the worst year of her life...


11. I choose.....

We sat down on the couch, and just sat there in silence. I burst out into tears. At first Niall looked at me confused, then he hugged me.

"Taylor what's wrong!" He asked.  "I don't know what to do!!!" I sobbed.  "Don't know what to do with what?" he asked. " With Liam and Zayn. I mean I'm pregnant with Liam's child, but also I was dating Zayn first, but I.... I just don't know who to pick!!!! " "We'll Taylor, I'm not you, so I don't know what to say, but I do know that if you truly follow your heart you will pick the right guy" Niall said. I smiled at him. "Yah I guess." I answered. "Now lets go back out there and celebrate that Zayn is back!" He said.   *3 months later*   3 Months had passed again... I still hadn't decided who I wanted to be with. I hung out with both of them, and both of them flirted.... a lot. I was Inching towards one of them, but I still wasn't sure.      I was now 5 1/2 months pregnant, and my stomach was showing a lot. I hated it. That night Liam had asked me to dinner, at 7. I got ready and tried to look as good As I could with my stomach, then he drove me. We sat down at the table and had an amazing night, we just had silly small talk and these cute conversations. Then instead of taking me home, he drove down to the lake. He parked the car in front of it, and we watched the sunset. It was beautiful. I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back in this cute little way. He leaned in and so did I, we kissed. It was passionate. It turned into more of a make-out, but Liam eventually pulled back. He had his forehead pressed to mine, and his lips were only an inch away from mine.  'I love you' He whispered. 'I love you too Liam' I said. and we began to kiss again. I felt sparks... no fireworks.      The next week Zayn asked me out on a date. He took me to a movie..... I just wasn't feeling it. From when the date started I knew I had to be with Liam but.... I didn't know what to do. I went along with the date, the most we did was cuddle in the theater ... there wasn't any sparks. What would I do? I didn't know, I felt bad for Zayn.... it wasn't his fault he went crazy... then it came to me. I'll find him another girl! One of my best girlfriends was kinda crushing on him, and I could tell he kinda liked her.      I decided to go to her house the next day, her name was Mariah. I invited her over to the house to hang out with Zayn and she was up for it. When we walked into the house Zayn was sitting on the couch. "Zayn I haven't seen you in forever!!" she yelled excitedly. "Mariah, uuhhm hi." Zayn was blushing, I could tell he was nervous too. "Well I'll just let you guys hangout here, I'm gunna go out with Liam bye!" I walked out the door and met Liam at the car, he was handsome as always.   Zayn's P.O.V:   As soon as Mariah walked in the door, I fell in love with her, all over again. I have always had a small crush on her, but now that Taylor is with Liam, I can have her. She's beautiful. Her long wavy brown hair flows down her back, and her blue eyes are like looking at the ocean. She's perfection to me.      Taylor's P.O.V:    The next day 'One Direction' had a press conference to talk about what was going to happen. The boys were having a tough time talking about Lou but they knew that they had to keep it together.
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