Anything Can Happen

You're boyfriend Zayn is an agressive, drunk, and you never expect what will happen. Follow Taylor through this story of terror, joy, and sadness, as she finds out that this just might be the worst year of her life...


6. Back to being sober

Did this really just happen? There was Louis.. lying lifeless on the floor. I was mortified. I went and called 911 while Harry and Niall went and fought off Zayn. They managed to knock the knife out of his hands, and pin him to the floor, then Liam came in and helped.

"This is 911 state your emergency" The phone said.

"This is Taylor McKenzie  Louis Tomlinson has just been stabbed! We're at 1296 Danielle Lane! Please come quickly!" I yelled into the phone. They said that they would be here in less than 5 minutes. 

When they arrived, they had police take Zayn away, and the ambulance took Louis to the hospital. Niall, Liam, Harry and I drove in a car behind. Harry drove with Niall in the passenger seat. I sat in the back with Liam crying, he hugged me as tight as he could. I just couldn't think of Louis possibly being dead. I couldn't take it.

 We arrived at the hospital, and they rushed Louis upstairs to the emergency room. We all sat in the waiting room holding hands and praying. After what felt like forever a doctor came. 

"Now, I'm really sorry.. but we couldn't save him. The wound was too deep." The doctor said.

"No... that's impossible he can't be..he just I mean.. he..." everything went black.


   I woke-up in a hospital bed, and Liam was sitting next to me. 

"Liam what happened?" I asked.

"Well when they told you that Louis didn't make it, you kinda passed out. The doctors also decided to do some tests on you... and uhmm they said that since you have lost so much blood lately  the baby might not be able to survive. They are going to give you more blood, but they said if you lost anymore, the baby might die." Liam said. He buried his face in his hands. He looked up at me, he had tears in his eyes, and one fell. I wiped it away.

"It's ok Liam the baby will be fine." I said. "I just can't believe that Lou is actually gone..." I stuttered. I looked at Liam I began to cry, and so did he. He hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn't believe that Zayn had gone that far, he couldn't have just been drunk there must have been something else going on.  

 Once I was able to leave the hospital, we went back to the house. We cleaned it up and just watched movies. Then we received a call from the rehab center. They had said that they finally got Zayn sober, and they needed us to go down immediately. Me and the boys.... drove down to the center. When we got there they had Zayn talk to us. I was in tears when we walked in the room, I didn't want to see him.

"Hey guys, where's Lou?" He asked.

"He's fucking dead because of you!" I screamed. I couldn't hold it back. Zayn looked shocked.

"You eerrrrm.. you killed him Zayn." Harry said.

"That's not important right now, Zayn tell them what you think happened." Said the doctor.

"Ok well, before you came over, you're dad asked me to meet him at the local pub, and discuss some rules for the month. So obviously I went, he discussed that, then he said he had to go to the washroom and left for a while. When he came back, he had two drinks in his hand, he handed me one and told me it was on him. So I drank it not thinking much,  then I passed out. I woke-up in a strange room and there was your dad. He made me eat these pills, and then handed me $100. He said that I would have to rape you, everyday. He said he wanted you so damaged you can barley move. I told him I would never do it. But then he said not to worry because when the pills kick in I would. That's the last thing I remember until when your dad heard you were pregnant with Liam's child. I guess he got me sober again. Then he forced me to take triple times the pills, he then gave me another $100 he said he wanted Liam dead, and he wanted me to rape you again and again until you actually couldn't walk, and then he said he wanted me to make you take these." He pulled a bottle full of pills out of his pocket. "He told me to give you 5, and then chain you up and it woud be his turn. Of course I said no, but again he said when the pills kick in I would do it." 

I fell to the ground and just sat there. I couldn't believe what had just came out of Zayn's mouth. 

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