Little Things<3

Meet Jasmine. The insecure girl with big dreams. She isn't very popular, and is bullied every single day because of her religion(muslim). Born in America, but moved to London because her parents were murdered when she was 3, so Jasmine has been living with her aunt (who lives in London) ever since. As gorgeous as she is, she's looking for a better life, as in; a love life. Jasmine has a secret love for One Direction, but dares not to tell anyone. A surprising afternoon, when Jasmine is walking around in London, she see's her love, Zayn Malik, crying. From that moment on, her life instantly changes.


1. Another day, Another torture.


    Jasmine's P.O.V

"Get lost you bloody Muslim!"

"Nobody wants you here!"

"You ugly bitch! You don't deserve anyone! Not even yourself!"


This is my life. Every single day. Them bastards have nothing better else to do than to make fun of me. All day,everyday, just because I'm Muslim. Sometimes, I just hate my life. I've spent half of my life without my parents. I was actually born in America, but I had to move to London because my parents were murdered when I was 3. My aunt and uncle with their daughter Yaz (same age as me) flew in and stayed with me in America for a year because of the investigation. The whole town was upset. My aunt was furious and she wanted answers. It was her sister they killed. I remember her crying and screaming every night at the police officers because of the whole incident. Turns out, the murderer shot my mom and dad because they saw the whole crime scene and the thief was scared that they were going to turn him in. So he shot them right in the heart. My aunt told me when I was 10. I was mad, furious, and wanted revenge. But I soon let it go. Anyway, when the investigation was over, my aunt and uncle took custody over me, and took me with them back to London. I've been here ever since I was 4. And the sad part is kinda don't remember my real parents, at all. I wish I did, but I was still a baby.  I've been bullied since I was in 2nd grade, by the same people. I'm  now a Junior in Highschool, and the bullying still won't stop. I've changed schools more than 3 times, but those people have connections, and somehow manage to still make fun of me. Its messed up. I try to make new friends, and once I start having them, they always turn their back on me, with the same excuse every single time. "Umm... You're a Muslim. That may not be good for me.."  And like always, I'll just suck up the pain, and deal with it. But I do have 3 best friends, who've always been there from me since the beginning. My cousin Yaz, Annabelle, and Sadie. I met Annabelle and Sadie in 3rd grade, at my new school. They loved me because I was different, and for who I was. I couldn't have been this strong without them 3. Especially Yaz, all the things we've been through together. I love her. She understands everything because she's Muslim too (obviously). But she goes to a private school, which sucks. But I still have Anna and Sadie! Back to my story, on some days, I wear my Hijab. Im Muslim, and I want people to know that respect my religion. I want God to know that I love him, and that I will always believe in him. I go to a Mosque near London every Sunday and I always pray for a better life, as in, a love life. So far, nothing has changed. But one day, I believe it will. I just want a special someone to love me for who I am. I want this person to light up my world, like nobody else. Oh, sorry for the corny line.. I'm a huge Directioner. But only Yaz knows that, not Annabelle or Sadie. They can't stand them, which makes me mad! But whatever, I love 1D, especially the one who I shall dream to marry; Zayn Malik. That boy, is hella GORGEOUS. Just one glimpse of him makes my heart melt! His voice... is so angelic. I cry every time I hear it. And the fact that he's Muslim too? AHH! We're meant to be. Just saying! But you know, its just a dream. Im too ugly for him anyway.  My aunt has always told me that my mom was a believer. She never gave up, and was always determined. My aunt has always told me that she sees a lot of my mother in me. Maybe because Im always focused on a thing I'm chasing after. I wond- "Jasmine! Dinner's ready sweetheart!" I look at the time: 6:30 already!  




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