Niall Horan's Baby (IN HOLD)

Niall Horan and Chloe Williams had a beatiful relationship with only 14 years old, but one night changed everything.
Chloe finished pregnant of a beautiful girl named April.
Niall entered a program named the 'X Factor', he was very happy and sad at the same time, he wouldn't see his beautiful girlfriend Chloe in a very long time.
Chloe forget to tell Niall about her pregnancy, Niall came back when April already had 4 years old, and he didnt even know he was the father.
But Niall would meet his daughter? How will Chloe react when she sees Niall again? Will April like Niall?
The answers would be in this original new movella.
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PS: I know Niall entered at the X Factor at his 16 years old, but in this story he would enter at his 14 years old.
Thanks! Bye bye!


2. Meeting Niall

-Chloe's P.O.V-

I woke up at 10 am, I remembered that I promised to April that she will meet Niall.

I get up from bed, and decided to wake up April.

''April... wake up sweetie'' I said trying to wake her up.

She opened her eyes.

''Hi mummy'' She said

''Do you wanna go to the beach?'' I asked

''Yes!!!'' She said, and she left for her clothes.

''Im going to take a shower'' I shouted so she can hear me

''Okay mummy'' she said

I entered the shower, I felt relaxed when the water get through all my body.

When I finished taking a shower, I got my clothes and I put them on.

I went to my bedroom.

''Mummy, can you help me to put my swimsuit on?'' She asked

''Sure sweetheart'' I put her swimsuit on.

''Ready to go to the beach?'' I asked

''Yes!'' I drived to the beach, when we got there, she got down of the car and ran to the beach.

''April! Wait for me!'' I shouted

I ran up to her with all our things.

''Here you are!'' I said

''Chloe?'' I heard a man or teenage boy said, I turned around.

''Niall?'' I asked


Liked? Im so happy! I can finally uploaded it! My internet was gay xD

Well, happy new year everybody!! Tomorrow I will upload episode 3.

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