Niall Horan's Baby (IN HOLD)

Niall Horan and Chloe Williams had a beatiful relationship with only 14 years old, but one night changed everything.
Chloe finished pregnant of a beautiful girl named April.
Niall entered a program named the 'X Factor', he was very happy and sad at the same time, he wouldn't see his beautiful girlfriend Chloe in a very long time.
Chloe forget to tell Niall about her pregnancy, Niall came back when April already had 4 years old, and he didnt even know he was the father.
But Niall would meet his daughter? How will Chloe react when she sees Niall again? Will April like Niall?
The answers would be in this original new movella.
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PS: I know Niall entered at the X Factor at his 16 years old, but in this story he would enter at his 14 years old.
Thanks! Bye bye!


6. Chapter 5: Daddy?

-Chloe's POV-

''Look April, lets sit okay?'' She nodded and we sat in the living room.

''I love your daddy, you know? He's so sweet and cute. his laugh make me smile all the time, he's so handsome and he's a gentleman, and also he's a good kisser and-'' I was talking when April interrupts me.

''Woah, woah, woah, I understand mommy'' April said

''Your father is Niall, April'' I said waiting for her reaction.

''Niall... Niall is my daddy?'' She said with blank eyes

''Yes sweety'' I said

"Oh...." April said, disappointed

"What's the matter?" I ask, hugging her

"Nothing," she answers, sighing

"Come on, tell me please sweetie," I beg

"I kinda hoped it was Liam," she mumbled

"Well, Liam is not your daddy, you have to accept that Niall is your daddy," I told her

"But I prefer Liam more than Niall," she mutters

"Well, God decided that Niall would be your daddy, not Liam," I reply, getting a bit annoyed

"No." April said stubbornly, frowning

"You have his eyes, and you have the similar smile to his. You look like your daddy," I said, smiling nervously

"Okay, mummy. But please don't say that I look like daddy. I want to look like you," she replies, smiling slighly

"You have my nose," I laugh, tapping her nose. She swats my hand away,

"Mummy, are we going to Liam's house for dinner?" she asks

"Yeah, and I want you to be on your best behaviour, okay?" I smile. April nods and she puts her little arms around me, hugging me. I hug her, resting my chin on the top of her head.


Me and my co-author Ellie Tomlinson writed this chapter, so yeah, tonight im going to put a Valentine's special!! Wooo! Haha, well, wait for it!


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