YouTube Changed My Life: The True Story of Mrs.Horan

How a girl from Iowa became Niall Horan's wife because of YouTube? Yes that's right, YouTube..


1. YouTube Video


Hello my name is Katie and this is my story on how I became Mrs. Horan. It's a pretty funny story really, just another Directioner who had a very popular Tumblr and Instagram. Since I was little I knew I was a pretty good singer. So one day, September 13, 2012 or Niall Horan's birthday, I posted a video on YouTube. The video included myself singing Happy Birthday. I started posting things on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter about my video and the link to the video. With in four hours I had 30,000 views. I quickly went to Twitter to say a massive thank you to all the viewers. I checked the World trends and fourth on the list was, #NiallWatchThisVideo and the link to my video! I was in shock but thought he would never end up watching it. Little did I know Niall was on Twitter at the moment checking his tweets.....


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