Secret of the Lagoon

Monacco Labs is the leader for scientific study of all theoretical and physical sciences. The Lab is offering an exclusive internship for students who demonstrate highly developed aptitude for science. Brooklyn Mosen was accepted immediately. However, Brooklyn has been known to be independent from authority. While starting on a project of her own, she comes across confidential files for a government experiment. Will she do her own research on the experiment or rebel against the corporate science world?


1. Chapter 1

 "The study of portals have been researched by a vareity of acclaimed scientists. Who - depite their efforts - have not reached a viable conclusion. However, at Monacco Lab has not only discovered the necessary conditions needed to creat saidh electromagnetic portals, but is also experimenting on a way to use the portals to generate ripples in the fabric of space!" Excitement resonated throughout my voice.

"What does that mean?" Olivia's face was drenched in confusion

"It means that, the existance of alternate demensions, within the planet, is just within sciences' grasp."

Olivia, let out a heavy sign before resting her head in her hand. shaking here head back and forth- in disapproval. As she looked back at me she gave a light chuckle before sipping the coastered-covered cup on the table separating us. I returned the laugh, and picked up my on cup. The warmth of my black coffee eminated through the studry paper cup. I always enjoyed sitting at the dark, window-side small square tables with Olivia at the little coffe shop on Rodeo Drive. Its a shame my career is taking me else where. I look out the crystal clear window to my right, and I see the Hollywood girls walk past with shiny,plastic shopping bags hanging on their arm and the clicking of high heels that are an inch higher than they should be. I then turn to look down at my shoes. Old black leather combat boots, laced up to my middle calf; with my medium blue wash skinny jeans tucked in to them. THey remind me that although I have a life in California, I am not the typical California girl. Sorry Katy Perry.

I glance back at Olivia and smile, remensicing about my fond memories, like a slide show. She takes one more sip of her coffee before revealing her concerning facial expression.

"Are you sure you have to move to Nassau in the freaking Bahamas?"

"Yeah, the internship is staioned there for the natural science interns to research the wild life. It sucks that I have to leave, but this is a one in a life-time opportunity, I would be stupid to not go." I smiled slightly then, turned back to the floor trying not to see the disappointment coating Olivia's face.

"Well, I better get going," She said as she sat up opening her arms to a hug, I recieved the offer. "I am really going to miss you, Brooklyn. Be safe ok?" SHe relisead me before pulling her bag to her shoulder. She looked back at me then headed out the door. I stood there staring at the door, for what seemed like forever. She had been my best friend for  four years, since we were freshmen in college sharing a dorm room. I sit back down in the cold, wood chair and continue to stare out the window, and remember when I first met.

I lugged my many duffles through the campus grounds till I read the large building sign that said: Burgesse's House. I sighed in relief. Although I felt a little bad for the trolley man behind me. I kept glancing back at the white registration sheet in my hand as traveled through the maze of hallways. Finally, I see a slightly ajar door with the label of my assigned room. Facing the door, I take a large breath. I slightly kick open the door to see a friendly face staring back at me. She reminded me of a famous 1950's movie star. Vibrant blonde locks perfectly curled around her face just above her shoulders, revealing sparkling earrings dangling from her pail earlobe. With a gracious smile, she welcomed me into our room. We began to converse about our high school lives and families. From that moment I knew she wouldn't be someone who would simply fade away as time passes; my best friend.

Ever since I had told her about the internship, she has been growning increasingly distant.  Our conversations were shorter and our laughs were not as loud. I never thoiught seh would take this internship the wrong way; she had a swarm of freinds adn aquiatences,so I thought she would be just dandy in the friend department. My mind adjusts back to reality and I see that my coffee cup is now empty, signaling that it is time to leave.I make my way to my bike parked outside the shop. I discovered that a motorcycle was the most eficient way to get around in a crowded town where all your ,y destinations were close together. I straddled the metal Yamaha before  motoring away. One my way home, through my helmet, I admire the hollywood scenery. At lest in the Bahamas, the weather is not colder. I am more of a warm weather person.

When I reach my apartment I feel a twinge of sadness. I will be leaving tomorrow for my new life in the Bahamas. I gently twist the bronze knob, caressing its round shape. Briskly pushing through the door, the small if lilac and other various flowers consumes me. My mother always put fancy air fresheners when she came to visit. But since a ticket to Nassau is more expensive than one to California, I won't see her as frequently. The lilac scent quickly fades as one of cardboards over powers it greatly. All I see is cardboard boxes, plain and brown.  Since my internship is being paid in full by Monacco Labs, they arranged to to transfer all my furniture a week earlier to my new flat on the beach; therefore, my last night in California is spent on a blow up mattress and eating microwave food. NOt ideal, but its only for one night. 

That night I dream of the soft sand beaches and salty ocean air. The peaceful image quickly fades. I turn to see Olivia's face filled with sorrow. She flashes away and is replaced with my parents, trnaslucent versions of my parents. They also disappear. I find myself in a plain white room illumiating from the walls, floor, and celing. I continuously trun my self around look for something, but what. A dark wood table appears in front of me. I  autiously walk over to feel the polished table top. When I look back down at teh table I see A large leather bound book, remsembling old photo albums I keep in my apartment. The cover is blank except for decroative gold trimming on the dark navy leather. The pages are a thick beige parchment, with fancy print. As I turn each page I realize the pattern of content: friends and family, places I have been, and the rest are pictures of teh Bahammahs and the lab. Each new picture of the bahammas looks like I had been there, but I haven't. I feel a cool breeze as the room fades into darkness. I slowly feel my self drift back into consciousness.

Blink my eyes to see out of my foggy "morning eyes". I hear birds chirp out my window and a variety of dog barks. I flip over to my back and stare at the blank ceiling. I watch the ceiling fan blades spin in a circle, putting me into a confused daze. I snap back to reality when I hear a loud car alarm. After turning to see the clock, the time rings through my brain.

8:02 AM 

The movers will be here in two hours to completely pack up my life in California, so that I can catch a ride on a commercial airplane surrounded by strangers. It feels like there are three forces inside of me fighting to prevail: the part that is sad about leaving California; the part that is excited to start a new life-changing internship in the Bahamas; and the part that is skeptical about the internship. So far the third part is winning.



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