Our Little Payne

me Sarah Beth Warner 18 is dating a guy from the group 1Direction and soon some one comes along and makes our life even better or will it make it worse what will happen


1. home alone

Sarah's POV- today was the last day if school and I got home and my mom, dad, sister were gone and only left a not saying that they were going to London for or cousins wedding. the door bell rang and it was Liam my boyfriend me and him had been dating for over 3 years and we were happily in love! well he came over to ask me if I had plans tonight and who would be home. well I had told him I was home alone and he was so happy!

Liam's POV- Well I wnt over to Sarah's today and asked he if I could come over tonight she had no one home so I was so happy fuse I wanted to take our relationship to the next level! embryo tonight I will lose my verginity!!!

Sarah's POV- I a knock at my door so I tell them to come in and its Liam he was holding a a thing of roses I was like babe u didn't have to get me these!!!

he said "I know" I love that about him he cares and. he is so supporting.
I told him to let me get changed. so I go up stairs and get changed into a 1D British flag crop top with a red tank top a pair of blue shorts and red toms. I get down stairs and their is Liam with romantic music on and rose petals on the floor! I said babe u didn't have to do this and he said
yes I did fuse your the most bueatiful and most nicest girl in the world and I want to be with you all my life! then I went and kissed him Wichita turned into a snogging session Wichita quickly turned into sex on the couch!!! skipping sex !!!!
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