What fame does to you

Scarlet is a high school freshman. She's been stuck in her daydream of life for too long. Then she meets Liam. With her two best friends by her side,Lilly and May, Liam goes off to the X factor for the second time. Will he make it? And what will the fame do to their love? Click the read button to find out and comment!! FYI: just to let you know every chapter in this movella is going to be named a different one of one directions songs. And I promise each song choice will tie into the chapter. Enjoy!! Xx Charlotte


3. I would

I would
Scarlett's POV
Goodness. The girls and I have been in a daze since we got here. It was Sunday, and as usual I was going to church, lets see if Liam wants to join me or not. Probably he will want to stay, because viva la vida was soooo big last night.tonight we are all going clubbing. True we're only 16, but Lou's 18 and said that he can get us in. Fun! I turn over in the bed and see Liam's angelic face peacefully isleeping. "Babe" I say shaking him. His eyes open slowly and he smiles when he sees me." Or if you soo tired from your amazing performance just stay asleep." He yawns, and stretches his gorgeous tanned muscular arms above his head and looks at me." I wanna come but my body doesn't want me to." He pouts." Ha you mean to say your gorgeous body doesn't want u to go." " I'll be back at 12 love you" I hear a mumbled" love you too" come from the heap he lay in. As I head downstairs I get a text from my mom:hey honey. You can stay more time with Liam and the girls. It's snowing here! You've got three days off. Be back for school by Thursday. I already told Lilly's mom and Mays mom and the girls can stay. I love you!** YES!!!!!! We have more time! Now I can have a day with the girls, hey maybe we can all go to the beach. Ill tell them when I get back. I jump downstairs in my pjs still. Nobody's up this early. I put in my earbuds and start playing Katy perry part of me. I danced around the kitchen making myself cornflakes. I feel somebody tap my shoulder. I jump, and quickly remove the earbuds from my ears, and spin around in a Kung- fu mode." Hello gorgeous" it was Harry." Harry? Why are you up?" I ask." Because I go to church." He starts, " But the real question is why are YOU up at eight in your nightclothes telling others about the part of you that makes cereal. " he heard me singing part of me!!" Oh umm. Ya sorry about the signing I go to church too. Wanna go together" he laughs." Of course. How else would you find a church close to here?" He really was clueless," um GOOGLE?" He laughed."right you are. And go get ready, you have 15. Go!" I run up the stairs, and back into Liam's Room. He was like a brick. I step over to my purple flowered suitcase and pick out a purple sundress and black heels. I run into the bathroom, comb my wavy chest length golden brown hair loose.
And put mascara on my eye lashes above my deep green eyes. I brushed just a little bit of blush onto my golden complexion. I was ready. I plopped my peach lip gloss, into my black purse. I got on my white sweater, and went downstairs. Harry was waiting on the couch. " let's go" he leads me outside to his silver convertible. We don't speak as we go to church. We sit through mass, and then get back into the car.
We don't drive home. Harry pulls over by a cliff. The sky is a perfect blue with no clouds, and the sun was beating down on the grassy area, before the drop. I jump out of the car and start spinning around, my face drinking in the sunlight. Harry laughs and out of the corner of my eye I see him grab a picnic bag out of the trunk." C'mon"he waves for me to come join him by the trunk. We took out a picnic blanket and set it on the grass. "Harry" I say." Yes, love?" I didn't know why we were doing this. Liam was mine I was his. But Harry was coming on to me, and I was letting him. I don't know why! But it just felt right. With Harry, I just we'll. I don't know. When we finished lunch, we lay on it, and looked up at the clouds. I scooted over and put my head on his chest. He looked down, and put his arms around me." I kissed Lilly last night." What did he just say?" You WHAT?!" I was shocked. He kissed Lilly! Why was he leading me on if he had a thing for Lilly? Was it just to get me away from Liam? Suddenly I wanted to run to Liam and tell him everything, as he rocked me in his arms. But then I realized something, I couldn't. For once I had to keep a secret from Liam. I promised myself right there that there would be no more funny business with Harry. He came up behind me, spun me around and kissed me. I didn't pull away.
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