What fame does to you

Scarlet is a high school freshman. She's been stuck in her daydream of life for too long. Then she meets Liam. With her two best friends by her side,Lilly and May, Liam goes off to the X factor for the second time. Will he make it? And what will the fame do to their love? Click the read button to find out and comment!! FYI: just to let you know every chapter in this movella is going to be named a different one of one directions songs. And I promise each song choice will tie into the chapter. Enjoy!! Xx Charlotte


4. Chapter 8 live while we're young

Chapter 8
Liam's POV

Scarlet is my princess. I love her. But........... OK don't hate me!! But I think I might be developing feelings for this girl Danielle. She looks a lot like Scar, but her hair is lighter and more curly. She's 21 and I'm 17 but hey that's alright! Right? Anyway it's 2 and I just got a text from Scar saying she will b back at 7 cause she bumped into some old friend and they were going to have dinner. That's fine because shell be back in time for the club with Louis. I think in going to invite Danielle to the club with us tonight. D= Danielle l= Liam PHONE CALL: l= hey dani! D: hey li! How r u?!l: I'm good. I was wondering if u wanted to go to the club with the boys and me and some girls that are visiting us.d: okay! What time should I be there? L: umm 8ish? D: ok! See you then, bye!END PHONE CALL
Okay so Danielle didn't exactly know I had a girlfriend. But she'd find out tøńïgt.( sorry I just has to try that). I decide to quickly jump in the shower.i throw on some dark jeans and a light grey tight tank top that showed off my abs.

Scarlett's POV

I know that this is very wrong to do. But I needed this. I needed Harry at this moment. Harry and I jumped into the car and headed to a motel. Don't worry we didn't go all the way, but pretty damn close to it. I got a text from Liam and looked at the time on my phone.6:45 " shit" I say aloud and jump out of bed. I run around getting all our stuff ready." Harry" no response." Harry!" He sits straight up in bed shocked by the sudden sound." Wha?!" " we have to leave now." He laid back down. " Don't worry sweetie we can stay in the room." He obviously didn't remember that we were going to the club with the boys. I decided I wasn't gonna go easy in Harry. If I was late getting back I would kill him. I grabbed Harry's t shirt and jeans off the floor. I tried shaking him with my free hand, he didn't move. I smacked him as hard as I could with a pillow. "Ow! What was that for?" I was not playing games; not now." Get the fuck out of bed and get your ass into these clothes." I started. " In case you've forgotten we promised my boyfriend, a.k.a., your best friend, that we would go to the club with them tonight." Something clicked in his head and he took the clothes and rushed to get his jeans on. We were out of there. Unfortunately, we almost to the house at 8:00 and I noticed a very pretty girl walking on the sidewalk in VERY high heels and a skin tight cranberry dress. I told Harry to slow down. I rolled down my window and cupped my hands around my mouth like a microphone. " Need a lift" she looked up, surprised. She sees my face and smiles warmly," oh no thank you though, in right around the corner" I nodded and pulled my head back into the car. When we got back I ran out if the car as fast as I could, trying to get away from Harry. I bumped into Niall on the way down the stairs." Oh sorry love!" He scanned me with his eyes." If your coming to the club with us you better get ready darling." I smile at his kindness and hug him. It feels so good not hugging Harry. I run past Niall and into Liam's bedroom. I stop when I see him looking out the window talking on the phone." Yeah, yeah I know Zayn. Fine! You can bring Liza. Okay Lizzy sorry! Geez! Zayn calm the fuck down! No I don't have a ny. Ewww!! Dude I don't have any of those. No I haven't gone all the way with her. No of course I want to but I don't think she's ready! I don't want to push her! Zayn I hate to say this to you but FUCK THE HELL OFF!!" He ended the call and let out a growl.

Liam's POV

Gosh sometimes that dude could be such a dude. He met this girl and wanted to bring her tonight and I said fine. The he asked me if I had condoms. FREAKING CONDOMS! God I hated that dude sometimes. I turned around to see my gorgeous girlfriend in the doorway. I got up picked her up and swung her around and kissed her. She met Danielle and everything went smoothly. I actually think they might become friends. I don't know, maybe. We all had a great time at the club. As Louis promised it was a breeze to get us in. Everybody got drunk within the first hour. I don't drink because if my kidney and scar doesn't cause she hates the taste. Danielle didn't, using the excuse that she was trying to cut back. Worst. Excuse. Ever. When we got back, Harry vole revered to take dani home to her apartment. He came back about a half hour later. Scar and I were getting ready to go to bed. We crawled under the covers. I put my arms around her and she cuddled into me." I love you cupcake" I said into her hair. ". I love you too my LILI bear." I chuckled at the nickname she gave me and drifted off to sleep.

Harry's POV
On my way to bed I passed by Liam's door and heard him tell scarlet how much he loved her. My heart broke when she said it back to him.
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