What fame does to you

Scarlet is a high school freshman. She's been stuck in her daydream of life for too long. Then she meets Liam. With her two best friends by her side,Lilly and May, Liam goes off to the X factor for the second time. Will he make it? And what will the fame do to their love? Click the read button to find out and comment!! FYI: just to let you know every chapter in this movella is going to be named a different one of one directions songs. And I promise each song choice will tie into the chapter. Enjoy!! Xx Charlotte


2. Chapter 6 Up all night

Chapter 6
Chp.6 up all night
Lilly's POV
Well I'm glad for them. I'm talking about Liam and scarlet. They're so cute together!! As soon as we got here Niall seemed to have a thing for May. I mean he kept talking to her and they were playing apples to apples when I left. I wish someone had talked to me. But that's okay. We're here for Scarlet. And May just got lucky. I just stepped outside to get some fresh air from the giggles. I lay down on the grass and look up at the sky. It was pitch black out, but there was a misty glow cast by the moon. I think everybody is in bed by now. Well scar and Liam went up really early. I think Zayn wandered up the stairs mumbling something about twitter. Louis went up to his room to Skype with his girlfriend. He was really sweet, it's too bad he has a girlfriend. But I'm happy for them. Niall and May, probably just went up to bed. So I was the only one awake now. I hear footsteps behind me on the wet grass. With out turning I sit up remembering Harry. He was still up. As soon as I realize that he plops down next to me on the grass." Hey Lilly" he says, his gaze never leaving the moon. "Hi Harry" I answer. He looks at me," you don't seem to be happy to see me at all." "What's wrong Lilly?" I sigh. " nothing really. I'm just thinking of my cat, back home." He looks excited." You have a cat?" "Yeah.his name is Tommie." " aww that's so cute! What does he look like?" Apparently Harry was into cats, just like me. We spent the rest of the two hours talking about cats. I had a feeling that Harry was going to be a great friend to me." We'll Lilly." He starts," it has been a pleasure talking about cats with you, but there is something I have to Ask you." " what's that?" He looks down at his feet." Do you fancy any of the guys?" I am utterly shocked by his question." Uhm........Er. I'm not really ummm."" So that's a no?" " no it's a yes" I don't know why I was telling him all this, but I just wanted to tell him." I fancy three of you." " three of us!? Harry gives me a smirk," who are they?" I take a deep breath."Louis Liam and you" he takes a step back." You like Liam?" "Yeah"" but he's with your best friend!" " I know he's just really sweet." He nods his head. Then turns around and has a huge smile on his face." What are you so happy about Styles?"" You like me" I put my head down and look at the ground.He picks up my chin in his huge hands." I like you too" he lifts up my chin and his eyes meet mine." Your so beautiful." Yeah right! No way. I have pinstraight long dark brown hair that goes all the way to mid back, and light grey eyes. He slowly leans in and presses his lips to mine.
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