What fame does to you

Scarlet is a high school freshman. She's been stuck in her daydream of life for too long. Then she meets Liam. With her two best friends by her side,Lilly and May, Liam goes off to the X factor for the second time. Will he make it? And what will the fame do to their love? Click the read button to find out and comment!! FYI: just to let you know every chapter in this movella is going to be named a different one of one directions songs. And I promise each song choice will tie into the chapter. Enjoy!! Xx Charlotte


8. Chapter 11 surprise suprise

Chapter 11 Harry's POV I did it. I formulated a genius plan. And I don't mean to sound evil like that. But I'm inconceivable. Hehe, ok I'm done. So what is this plan you ask? Get Lilly to date me, then love her with all my heart, and make scar jealous. Mays POV Wow! Niall and I are like two peas in a pod! We're like besties! He sometimes acts like he wants to be more, but I have feelings for Zayn. He was fucking hot in the sense that he was quiet and mysterious. I don't know. Zayn asked me out to dinner. And I accepted! This is going to be fun! Zayns POV My palms are sweating, and my head resting back upon the seat. Im waiting for May and Elizabeth to come to the restaurant. You see, I have a plan. Not a fully developed kind of plan but its good enough. I know May likes me, but Niall likes her. Elizabeth likes me, but I like May. I think that Lizzi would be perfect for Niall though. The girls come in almost at the same time.Elizabeth sat down across from me, and May next to me. The girls both gave me confused looks: oh good lord. " so girls" I'm here for a reason. They nod slowly telling me to continue. I look at Elizabeth. " listen, your a really nice girl, but I think I have feelings for May." I say as nicely as I possibly could. May scooted closer to me and Lizzi looked uncomfortable." But!" I say before she gets angry," I have somebody for you." Her face lights up. " really? Who is it?" May asks. I whisper it into her ear. She cracks a smile when she hears its Niall. "OMG they are perfect!!!!!!!" She exclaimed. We explained to Elizabeth and I invited her back to the house to meet Niall when we finished dinner. Niall really seemed to like Elizabeth. But he hated the fact that I was dating May. That's right. We're official.

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