What fame does to you

Scarlet is a high school freshman. She's been stuck in her daydream of life for too long. Then she meets Liam. With her two best friends by her side,Lilly and May, Liam goes off to the X factor for the second time. Will he make it? And what will the fame do to their love? Click the read button to find out and comment!! FYI: just to let you know every chapter in this movella is going to be named a different one of one directions songs. And I promise each song choice will tie into the chapter. Enjoy!! Xx Charlotte


7. Chapter 10 tell me a lie

Chapter 10

Danielle's POV

As I opened my eyes to my posh apartment, I remembered last night. Liam hadn't mentioned that he had a girlfriend. To be honest, I had liked him a. Bit before I knew. He was a kind boy, and I didn't mind that he was younger. Normally, I would have been angry at him for not telling me, but scarlet seemed like a really nice person, and the fact that she was kind to me while she was in the car-wait. She was in the car with Harry. HARRY! Oh it was probably nothing Danielle, chill. Scarlet just didn't seem like the kind of person who would cheat. I mean, Harry certainly WAS a flirt, but he didn't really ever mean anything by it. Ugh I don't know. But eventually I'm going to get to the bottom of this. I slide open my iphone5 and start texting Lilly.

Lilly's POV

I think I'm in love. With Harry he's just so sweet to me, and to everyone else. By the way, where was he all day yesterday? I haven't seen him since clubbing yesterday. Humph. AND! Where was Scar?? Had they been together? I had seen Liam alone in his room, using his treadmill, ok! I admit! I watched Liam run on his tread mill shirtless. Ok more like stared. I examined every little muscle in his back, as he moved back and forth. Oh Liam, why did you choose scarlet? I get a text from Danielle, we had exchanged numbers last night. Danielle: wanna meet for coffee? I know a great place by the house. Me: sure! Just give me like 15 to get ready. Danielle: k. Meet u there? Me: sure. I get up and look in the mirror. Ugh, knotted hair circles under eyes. Not too much damage. I run quickly across the hall to the bathroom. I step into the shower and shampoo my hair. Then I brush it and get dressed. I'm wearing grey skinny jeans and a yellow and silver striped long sleeve shirt. I add some mascara, and light lip gloss. Good. I ran back to my room: aka Harry's room----wait! This was also Harry's room!!!! How could I forget. I run in too see Harry in the bed naked. He was ummm. Well he was.... Lets just say pleasuring himself, eew. Not the visual I need to start the day off. When he sees me he didn't move. He kept doing that. IN FRONT OF ME! " Harry, Would you mind not doing that right now?" " what? You know you like it." Was his response. Okay so I admit I liked it. He was quite large, and he had a six pack. I look down at my phone and go on Instagram. I see a picture posted by my ex( don't ask me why I'm still. Following him but I am) it was of him and this blonde chick Kara. She was probably the most slutty girl in school. A tear rolled down my cheek. Okay I still had feelings for my ex, his name was Bryce. As I started crying Harry got up put pants on and then a shirt. He sat back down on the bed. Then he noticed me." Lilly? Are you okay?" I shook my head no." Come here." He pointed to the spot on the bed next to him. I crawled in and he pulled me on top of him. I cried into his shirt and he pulled his arms around me. "Shhh, it's okay love." He tried to comfort me. " Lilly?" I look up. "Yes?" He looks down At me." I know this is quite soon but, will you go out with me?" I didn't even think." YES!"
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