A New Direction

Life brings Niall to a turn in his life while on their tour in the United States. Will this person change his life, and take him in a new direction? Or will he just be a phase?


1. Heroes

Today started like any other. Aside from school being over. I was just sitting on the couch watching tv and texting my best friend. Lexi has been my best friend since we first met. I plugged in my headphones and pressed play. I smiled at the music flowing into my ears. It was the song "Last First Kiss" by One Direction. Lexi got me hooked and what could I say they are all gorgeous.

Mom got up from her desk and started towards the door, which I happened to be sitting next to. I took out one of my earbuds and turned my music down.

"Next time don't ignore me. I'll get it, but just remember no earbuds while you're on the couch." She scolded me.

"Sorry mom, you know how I get listening to-" She put her hand up.

"Josh, please just no music next time. You know I love you, but you are obsessed with this One Direction."

With that she opened the door, and started talking to whoever it was. I barely heard a word of it because I was now focused on the tv. Family Guy was just getting good when mom decided to yell at me.

"Josh, do you know a young Irish boy?" mom questioned

"I know of a young Irish boy. He's about my hight, a little muscular, and has blonde hair. Why do you ask?" I got up from the couch and stepped into the doorway next to my mother.

As soon as I stepped next to her my jaw dropped. There standing before me was Niall Horan, I was so shocked since their Take Me Home Tour wasn't even suppose to be in Iowa. I regained my composure and slipped my phone back into my pocket.

"Hi, I take it you already know who I am. But just incase it's Niall." His smile looked perfect. His braces off, but I still loved his smile from the beginning.

"Josh, Josh Melbourne. What brings you to Iowa, your tour doesn't even come to Iowa." We shook hands.

"Well actually,I saw the McDonalds I got hungry, and the boys told me that if I wanted something to eat then I would have to see if a directioner lived next door, and this was the first house I chose." 

"What are you suppose to do after you find one?" I think he was about as confused as I was.

"I guess I should take you to the guys so they know that I found one, and maybe we could hang out, you seem like a nice laid back guy." He smiled, and I turned to my mom. She nodded saying I could go.

I walked with Niall to go meet the boys. I was so nervous. I never thought that I would ever meet my heros. I mean they are the reason I made it.

Niall bought both of us some food and we got on the tourbus. They were all sitting around talking and messing with their phones, just like normal people.

"Hey lads this is Josh." Niall said gesturing to me, the others just looked at me with disgust. 

"We told you you had to find a directioner." Louis snapped, a bit harsh if you ask me.

"I-I-I am a d-directioner." I stuttered.

"You are now? Well, what's my middle name?" Louis asked in a smug tone.

"William. your full name is Louis William Tomlinson." I said shyly.

"Well I'll be damned. But that proves nothing. What is Niall's mother's name?" He was so sure I wasn't going to get this one.

"Maura Gallagher." I looked to the floor, I know almost everything about them.

"Wow, maybe he really is a directioner, but I still am having trouble believing him." Louis crossed his arms and sat next to Harry.

"Oh come now Lou, can't you trust him, he is a real nice guy, just give him a chance." Niall pleaded. He looked like an adorable little puppy.Louis just rolled his eyes in a manner of him giving up.

Most of the time I spent with the boys I was quiet. I couldn't really find any words to say, until one of them spoke up first.

"So Josh was it? What is it that you do?" Zayn spoke up to break the awkward silence. 

"Well, I would be going off to college soon, but that has been pushed back, until next spring or fall." I looked at my hands nervously.

"Why are you pushing it back?" Liam chimed in.

"Well, I am going to be on this years season of the XFactor. I preformed my audition with one of your songs." My hands started to sweat.

"Really? What song did you use?" Harry spoke up, and I blushed.

"Look Haz you've got him blushing, how cute, he's gay." Lou said and my smile faded quite fast.

"Can I go home now?" I said quietly, as a tear ran down my cheek.

"Louis, that was not cool, you know one of us is that way too. Why do you have to be so crud?" Niall placed an arm around my shoulder. 

"Niall can I have your number, you are the nicest person I know, and I would like to keep in touch with you. On second thought, I'll give you mine 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX." I said aloud and not more than a minute later I received five new text messages.

What's goin on?

Hello love

You can't have him

Howdy mate

You look adorable when you blush

"Really, who sent these?" I read them aloud, "and this one?" I read the final one, and smiled.

"I did say one of us was gay, and besides we technically all are at least half gay, so it could have been anyone of us." Niall said with a smile.

"Well, I guess I should tell you what song I sang." I sighed.

"What was it? Was it an old one or a new one?" Liam smiled.

"It was 'Last First Kiss'." I looked to the floor avoiding all eye contact.

"What made you choose that song?" Zayn questioned and my face flushed almost a crimson color.

"Well, you see. I-" Louis cut me off.

"He probably sang it because he has never had his first kiss yet. How old are you anyway 16?" Louis' words stung.

"Yeah, but I'm 19." I said barely a whisper. The tour bus stopped outside of my house as they were about to drop me off. I got up and ran out of the bus, and into my house. 

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