Looking After You (Sequel to "I Won't Give Up")

Christina Fernandez and Harry Styles have been dating for over a year now, and things seem to thicken, meaning, their relationship is getting harder to put up with. Will they keep their love for each other going? Or will they disconnect from each other and never talk to each other again? There is only one way to find out.


7. You're kidding.

~ Alicia's P.O.V. ~



I still cannot believe what happened yesterday.

Zayn Malik asked for my number.

I'm crying. Literally.

So basically, right now I'm crying onto my pillow, and it's about 10 a.m.

So then I just tried to go back to sleep, but nothing really seemed to work. I then heard my mom calling me from downstairs, she was saying breakfast was ready and for me to come down.

"Coming, mom!"

"Hurry! The food's getting cold!



~ After Breakfast ~



My phone buzzed on the counter next to my bed. It was a text from Olivia.

"Answer me ASAP! x -Olivia"

I replied:

"What happened?!?! xxx -Alicia"

I quickly got dressed and checked my phone again.

"Come over to Christy's place!!! We need to talk!!!! -Olivia"

I grabbed the keys to my car and started driving in the direction where Christina lived.

What were they going to tell me? And why was it so important?

There was a car crash right in front of Christina's house, so I tried my best to avoid it and drive by. I parked in the spot next to her house and got out of my car. I walked towards her house and knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.

Christina opened the door and pulled me inside, not letting me talk.

We sat down at a couch where Olivia was, too. They both looked at me and smiled.

"Guess what!" Olivia squealed.

"Geez, what happened?" I asked.

They both smiled and said, "Zayn has a crush on you!"

"You're kidding."

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