Looking After You (Sequel to "I Won't Give Up")

Christina Fernandez and Harry Styles have been dating for over a year now, and things seem to thicken, meaning, their relationship is getting harder to put up with. Will they keep their love for each other going? Or will they disconnect from each other and never talk to each other again? There is only one way to find out.


13. Alone Time

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Song: "kiss you" by that band I can't remember o

~ Alicia's P.O.V. ~

I unlocked the door to Harry and Christina's house and locked it as I walked in. I left my stuffed tiger from the carnival on the couch. I was staying here for the night, so that's why I came. I made sure that Harry and Christina weren't in the kitchen and were already asleep so that they wouldn't bug me about the date with Zayn.

As I walked into the kitchen to get a drink, I heard some footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up to see who it was. Christina. 

She gestured me to come walk up to her. I walked towards her and pondered at her to see what she had to tell me. 

"So, what happened today with you and Zayn?" She smirked.

"We went to the carnival today and we got to hang out. He's a really sweet and adorable guy. He has a cute, dorky side and I love that." I blushed.

"Did he.. you know, kiss you?" She asked.

"AND LET ME KISS YOUUUUUU!" I heard Harry sing from his room upstairs.

Wait, he could hear us? 


That kid is so freaking weird.

"Well, did he?" She asked again, this time laughing from Harry's outburst.

"No, well, on the cheek he did, but that was the closest we got. I would really like to get to know him more." I smiled.

"Well, maybe we can all go on another double date again sometime." She mentioned. "But for now, I'm going to get some sleep. Goodnight, I love you and sleep well." She said, giving me a hug.

"I love you too. Goodnight, Christina."

~ Christina's POV ~

I headed back to bed and cuddled up next to Harry, who was still awake.

"I heard you sing from downstairs." I giggled.

"I know. I just wanted you to laugh." He admitted, kissing my forehead. "You know that I love you a lot, right?" He asked.

"Of course I do, and you know that I love you back, so why would you even ask that?" I asked in a low laugh.

"Well, honestly, I'm afraid that one day you'll leave me for someone else."

"Do you not trust me? You know I would never do that." I said, hugging his torso and kissing his jawline.

"I do trust you and I know that you won't, but maybe someday you'll find someone better."

"Harry, no one can possibly be better than you. You're the best guy for me and I wouldn't want anyone else. I love you, baby."

"I love you too."

"Goodnight, H-Bomb." I giggled. That was my nickname for him.

He laughed softly at my response.

"Goodnight, gorgeous."


"Morning, you two love birds." Alicia greeted as she walked downstairs and sat next to us on the couch.

"Morning, Ali." We both said.

We turned on the TV and saw this announcement of Kim Kardashian's birth of her new baby.

"Gosh, I can't stand the Kardashian family." I admitted.

"Kim is really hot, though." Harry said, smirking at me so that I would be jealous at his comment.

"Don't play with fire, little boy." I warned, grinning. I couldn't keep a straight face at this.

"But trust me, you're way hotter than she'll ever be." He said, kissing my cheek and smiling while he did it. "You're perfect."

"Not even close, dude." I chuckled while getting the remote and turning the TV off.

"Hey, I'm going to the mall for a few hours to get one of my friend's a birthday gift. I'll be back soon." Alicia said while storming out of the house.

"That just leaves the two of us alone for a while.." Harry grinned while sucking on my earlobe, softly pulling on it with his teeth. "You always caught my eye." He sucked harder on my skin now.

I grew desperate for Harry's soft lips so I turned my head and crashed mine into his, sucking on his lower lip.

"Baby." He moaned in between smooches, while he caressed my hips.

[A/N; things are getting hot n heavy now ay papi]

He licked my bottom lip, asking for permission which I granted him immediately. Our tongues battled for dominance, and he ended up winning.

[A/N; btw I know that was a cheesy fanfic moment but whatevs bc yOLO]

He departed his lips from mine and stared into my eyes. He lovingly stroked my cheek and smiled.

"I'm so glad we're together. I don't ever want to be separated from you. You're everything I ever wanted."

"I love you, Harry." I spoke.

He kissed my lips again. "And I love you more than anyone will ever know."



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