Surprises Are Waiting For You

Ellie is always sitting alone, listening to music in the park. Her parents are rich but they are never around. One day a guy comes over to her and sits down. No one ever joins her and it surprises her. They talk day after day about their lives. But what happens when she figures out who the mystery man really is? She meets his friends and they mend their relationship. Then something happens to Ellie and she discovers she's talented. This book brings together romance, humor, and self confidence. Please enjoy this is my first movella.


18. lj

Ellie POV

"Yeah, yeah, we get it. We are both embarrassing okay?" I say. I lean back and Zayn wraps his arm around me. 

"Awww," Liam points.

"Okay lads, that's enough," Zayn announces, his voice a bit strained. I wonder if he is thinking about his grandma right now. I place my hand on his knee and give it a reassuring squeeze. 

"What did you have in mind to do today?" Sophie asks Harry.

"Actually we were just going to watch films because we didn't think Zayn would want to do anything," Harry replies. 

"I'm okay with films," Sophie grins, cuddling up to Harry. 

"Why don't you invite Eleanor and Danielle over?" Harry suggests.

"Then Niall won't have anyone," Louis points out. 

"I have a mate!" Sophie exclaims, jumping up. She grabs my wrist and tugs me out of the room. "I'll call Dylan," She tells me excitedly. Dylan is our old friend from grade school who likes One Direction, but isn't obsessed with them and doesn't really care that they're famous but likes them because they are "cute".  

Sophie calls her and Dylan agrees to come over. Sophie then proceeds to go down the back stairs to let Dylan in. "Who is she getting?" Niall asks suspiciously when I come back in.

"Our friend Dylan who likes you guys but because you are cute not famous," I try to explain. "She also loves to eat food, like all of the time." I add, sitting back down. 

"You sure she isn't crazy because we are famous?" He asks skeptically. 

"I'm sure," I laugh, casually leaning into Zayn. Zayn grabs a blanket that's hanging on the couch and puts it over us. 

Sophie comes back up with Dylan who smiles at the boys and waves politely. "Why did you call me here?" Dylan asks Sophie, sitting in the only available seat - next to Niall. 

"We wanted an even number of people to watch the films," I shrug.

"Sophie?" Dylan asks her again, not even pretending to believe me. 

"We haven't hung out in a while. I want to share my happiness," Sophie says. She always knows what to say. She never actually lies, but doesn't tell the whole truth either. 

Satisfied with that answer, Dylan relaxes back in the couch as Liam puts in The Hitchcock. "Why that film?" I complain, always easily scared.

"Don't worry," Zayn chuckles. 

Throughout the movie I take Zayn's hand in mine and twirl it around. It feels so good to know who he is, yet at the same time I am upset that the mystery is over. I'm really happy that my mystery guy is after all cute, but at the same time it may cause problems that he is famous and is loved by everyone. 

Tracing along his palm, my fingers trail towards his wrist and I feel the cuts that he had made there. I can feel the raised skin scabbing and only imagine what it looks like. With my free hand I reach into my pocket to make sure that I still have the razor, but I don't feel it. I turn out my pocket and it's empty. 

I look to Zayn and he's staring straight ahead. I know he took it back but when? If I made him give it to me now then it would draw attention. And he can't cut when we are in front of them and I'm sitting with his arm in my hand. 

I sit back again but I don't relax. Patiently I wait until the film is over and then I still make no rush of it. "Zayn I think I left something in your room, will you come with me to get it?" I ask. I feel Sophie's eyes on me - she is very suspicious. 

"Sure," He answers, a bit confused and not realizing that I know it's gone. 

We head to his room and once inside I close the door quickly and quietly. "Razor Zayn," I hold out my hand.

"Ellie," He starts. 

"Come on. Hand it over," I tell him. He sighs and reaches into his pocket to grab it. 

"Why didn't you tell them?" He asks quietly, holding it in his hand. I grab his hand and gently unfold it, taking the razor from him. 

"Because I know what it's like when you make that kind of mistake," I answer. He turns his head to the side in confusion. "Don't worry about it," I laugh, reaching up on my tiptoes and planting a kiss on his cheek.

"I might get used to that," He warns.

"Don't you dare," I smile. 


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