Surprises Are Waiting For You

Ellie is always sitting alone, listening to music in the park. Her parents are rich but they are never around. One day a guy comes over to her and sits down. No one ever joins her and it surprises her. They talk day after day about their lives. But what happens when she figures out who the mystery man really is? She meets his friends and they mend their relationship. Then something happens to Ellie and she discovers she's talented. This book brings together romance, humor, and self confidence. Please enjoy this is my first movella.


15. Lied?

"How'd it go?" Sophie asked me.

"He hates me," I replied, sinking down on the couch. "He thinks I lied to him. But it didn't feel right to tell him who I was then you know? It would make me look more guilty." I responded. 

"Aw hun. Why don't we watch some movies," She suggests and so we put on our favorite series - Harry Potter, and have a movie marathon all day as I try to process all of the information. By the time we make it to the sixth movie, we are about to pass out so we head up to the bedrooms. 


"I would say that you two should come over, but Zayn is really down," Harry said on speaker phone. I frown and throw my head in my hands. It's the next morning and Sophie and I were awoken by Harry's call.

Sophie and I exchange a look and I know what she's thinking. "Harry I know how to help Zayn, but you can't tell him anything about it until I explain everything to you okay?" I spoke, taking action.

"You?" He asked not believing me.

"Yes Harry. Now are you going to let me help?" I questioned.

"When can you come over?" He inquired.

"We'll be there in twenty," I breathed out. Sophie and Harry said good-bye as I made my way to my bureau to grab clothes for the day. I go with my usual summer look, deciding it's the best way to dress for this. Today the truth will come out - even though I never lied. 

Sophie and I finished getting ready and then walked to the park to get my car and drove to the hotel they were staying at. Sophie called Harry to let him know we were here and then we met him at the back entrance and he took us upstairs. 

"No offense Ellie, but how can you help him?" Harry asked me in the living room.

"Where is he?" I questioned, ignoring him for a second.

"Locked himself in his room," Liam said. 

"Okay. What I'm about to tell you is completely truthful - no lies okay? And if you don't believe me then once again I will hate you all," I threatened them.

"She's serious," Niall stated.

I tell them the entire story of how Zayn and I met. They sit silently and listen as I tell the story revealing everything from the stranger who brought me Nandos to the times when I fell on him and the nights ended with kisses. I informed them of what happened yesterday. "And now he's upset," I finished.

"So you are the mystery girl?" Louis asked me at the end. I nodded. 

"And you swear you found out who he was the other night?" Liam confirmed. I nodded. "Well then get in there and tell the lad!" He exclaimed. I smiled and hugged each of them before taking a hairpin out of Sophie's hair and heading to Zayn's room.


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