Surprises Are Waiting For You

Ellie is always sitting alone, listening to music in the park. Her parents are rich but they are never around. One day a guy comes over to her and sits down. No one ever joins her and it surprises her. They talk day after day about their lives. But what happens when she figures out who the mystery man really is? She meets his friends and they mend their relationship. Then something happens to Ellie and she discovers she's talented. This book brings together romance, humor, and self confidence. Please enjoy this is my first movella.


11. Date

         For most of Friday's early afternoon I contemplated what to wear. I wanted to dress up because it was a date. But then I remebered it would still be in the dark so he wouldn't see me anyways. In the end, I chose a comfortable pair of jeans and a nice top. I completed my outfit with a pair of Toms and pushed my hair to one side.

        When the sun was halfway on the horizon I set off and Sophie wished me luck. She was going to sleep over again tonight and wait for me to get home later for a full report. I left my house with fluttery feelings. Sometimes it was so easy to talk to the mystery man. Other times, he reminded me of someone so much that it distracted me.

         As I continued thinking about what the day would be like, I reached the park. I saw a single candle flame and a silhouette sitting in my normal spot. Immediately I fluffed my hair and controlled my pace.

        I walked over to him and smiled. I wondered if he could see my smile in the lighting. He took my hand in his and guided me to the parking lot of the park. He had a table set up with food on it and two chairs. Then, in the back of an SUV there was a projecter set up. 

          There were little lights shining down on the food so we could see the food but not each other. Our identities were still a secret to each other although I figured they would be revealed soon. "I was afraid you wouldn't come," He said to me.

          "Of course I'd come," I replied. He pulled out the chair for me and then oushed me in. "Thank you," I said. He nodded as he extinguished the candle and sat down on the other side.

          We chatted a little over the dinner. He had made chicken parmesean and it was delicious. Then for dessert he made brownies. I took one but that was all. 

          When we had finished eating he moved the chairs so that they were next to each other and facing the projector's screen.Because he was a gentleman, had added a foot of space between the two chairs, leaving it an option to me if I wanted to scoot it closer.

          After the movie begun and we were sitting in our seats I scooted closer so that our shoulders were tocuhing. Ten minutes later he put his arm around me shoulders and I moved even more towards him. The film was good. It was a romantic comedy and made us laugh a lot. When it ended we sat in silence for a couple of minutes just enjoying each other's company.

         "When will I know who you are?" I asked him after a while.

         "When you decide to check," He laughed.

         "And your name?" I questioned.

         "What does my name matter?" He replied.

         "It doesn't. I just thought it would be easier if we had something to call each other," I responded.

         "Yeah I guess you're right. I just don't want our relationship to change when you figure out who I am," He said softly.

         "And what exactly is our relationship?" I asked.

        "Where in the in between phase," He answered nonchalantly. "What's your telephone number so I can text you?" He questioned changing the topic smoothly like he always does.

      I recited my number for him. He nodded. "I just sent you a text so you can saave my number," He told me.

          "And what do I save it under?" I asked in response. He shrugged.

          "How about boyfriend?" He asked.

          "I thought we were in the in between phase," I laughed.

          "Well you don't have to sav-"He began to say.

          "Saved under boyfriend," I cut him off, showing him the contact. He told me he saved mine under girlfriend and I laughed even more.

          "Can I give you a ride home?" He questioned me.

          "That depends. Can you turn your inside lights off of your car?" I giggled. He nodded. "Then sure," I said. The clock on my phone said it was 9 o'clock.

          I helped him clean up the table and leftover food while packing it in the back. Then he closed the trunk door and we climbed in. He made sure I got in safely on the passenger side, and then walked around to the driver's side.

          "Alright. Where do you live?" He asked in the car, starting the engine.

         "52nd street," I replied. He nodded but soon realized he didn't know how to get there so I gave him directions. Turn porch light off ! I sent to Sophie. I wanted him to walk me to the door but if the light was on he probably wouldn't.

       Got it! :-) She sent back. When we got to my house he looked shocked. It was really big after all; like a mansion. The giant porchlight was off and I was glad she got it in time. I began to unbuckle and open my door when he said, "Wait a minute," and laughed. He walked around the front and opened my door for me, helping me out. 

       Even after he closed the door our hands were still together and I felt a rush of happiness. We walked up to the porch together and stood there for a second. "Thanks for the date," I said and smiled.

         "My pleasure," He replied and stepped closer. We stood there for a second doing and saying nothing. I saw his eyes for the first time, because they were so close. His eyes were a smoldering brown and I felt like they were hypnotizing me.

          And then, he moved his hands to my hips and crashed his lips against mine. I moved my hands through his hair and it felt smooth beneath my fingers. The kiss lasted for a good minute and a half when we pulled back.

        "Good night," He said quietly. "I'll see you Sunday," He whispered and took off back to his car. I opened the front door but waited until he got in his car to close the door behind me.

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