Surprises Are Waiting For You

Ellie is always sitting alone, listening to music in the park. Her parents are rich but they are never around. One day a guy comes over to her and sits down. No one ever joins her and it surprises her. They talk day after day about their lives. But what happens when she figures out who the mystery man really is? She meets his friends and they mend their relationship. Then something happens to Ellie and she discovers she's talented. This book brings together romance, humor, and self confidence. Please enjoy this is my first movella.


1. Meeting HIM

Ellie POV       

       I grabbed my book off of the counter along with my iphone and headphones. It was my first time reading "Along For The Ride" by Sarah Dessen and I was really excited to read it. Putting on my turquoise Toms, I checked my Facebook. I had many friends on Facebook, but if you asked me how many of them I was actually friends with, I'd be able to count on one hand. I was starting at the university at the end of the summer but now I would just relax at the park.

        I locked the door behind me as I set off for the two minute walk to the park. I took pictures on my iphone and posted one or two on Instagram as I walked. I liked taking pictures - not because I wanted to be known, but because I liked to try and find the beauty in everything. Reaching the park, I sat down in my usual spot which was underneath shaded trees at the edge of the park. No one came over to this side of the park - ever. Except me, which I claimed mentally as my special spot. Of course, I never told anyone this, but since I was the only one that ever bothered to be over here, it didn't really matter.

       I plugged my headphones in and cranked up the volume to the loudest it could go. The current song playing was "Warrior" by Demi Lovato, one of my favorite songs. I listened to my music and read my book for a solid two hours before yawning and putting the music on pause. It was beginning to get dark. I could see the sun begin to set and decided to take a picture of it. The colors ranged from pink to orange, and a beautiful purple that was only visible in certain spots. "Hey," A voice interrupted my perfect shot. I looked in the direction of the voice and saw the silhouette of a man. It was too dark at this point to really distinguish his features, aside from the ability to see he seemed moderately tall and wasn't slouching. 

       I raised up my hand in a "wait a minute" way and took my picture. As I was admiring the picture, he cleared his throat again. "Yes?" I asked annoyed that someone came to the spot where I was. As I said before, no one came to this part of the park. Normally I was left alone, as if transported to a barren planet. 

       "I just thought I'd say hi," The guy said.

       "Well you said hey," I retorted.

       "Wow you're clever," He replied.

      "Thanks," I responded sarcastically. He sat down a couple feet from me.

      "So why do you sit by yourself over here?" He asked me.

       "Why do you care?" I questioned. I didn't want it to come across rude but I think it did anyways.

       "Well I don't know. I thought it was pretty cool That you're all independent," He answered.

       "Thanks?" I replied.

       "So do you come here often love?" He asked.

       "You ask alot of questions," I told him. He nodded knowingly. "And yes. I come almost everyday," I answered his question.

       "I noticed you like taking pictures," He said pointing at my phone. I nodded. "Should I pose?" He laughed.

       "Noo. I rarely take photos of people. And when I do, it's of people I know," I replied.

       "I'll take that as a challenge," He told me.

       "What's the challenge?" I inquired.

       "To get to know you and you me so I can have my picture taken of course," He replied.

       "Well I have to leave so bye," I said awkwardly.

       "Bye love," The guy called.

       "Oh and by the way,  that's my spot," I warned him as I made my way out of the park and saw him slide over to where I was sitting. I made sure to avoid the street lamp so he wouldn't see what I looked like.

       I walked home with fluttery feelings inside of me from meeting HIM. Then I realized I probably wouldn't ever see him again so I drowned my thoughts out by cranking up my music.

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