I'm Out of Love

As a child, Hailey had always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer. At the time, she didn't care which type, she just wanted to dance. As she got older her dreams came to a stop after her parents got divorced and she was left with her uncle. Little did she know that she would be brought into his everyday life. One meet up could change her life forever. The only thing in the way? She promised not to fall in love. That promise is becoming very hard to keep as she gets pulled in deeper, and deeper, into Louis Tomlinson's life.


2. Eggs and Ed Sheeran

(Louis' POV)

I woke up with a huge headache, I never realized how much I had actually drank last night. I turned around to look at Eleanor...but she wasn't there. "Eleanor?" I said quietly. No answer. A worried look grew across my face. Suddenly, my phone buzzed underneath me. From: El Bell<3-<Went home with Harry last night after you took so long in the house. Don't worry about me, I'll be home tonight.>- Tonight? It was only 11 in the morning, and she was staying there all day? That's really weird. Oh well, I thought to myself. You know what that means. Louis time!

I jumped out of bed, forgetting about the hangover, and ran into the kitchen in just my boxers. Opening the fridge, I scanned over everything. Deciding on eggs, I grabbed them and whipped around to turn on the stereo. Turning it all the way up, Ed Sheeran blasted through my flat. "I WANNA BE DRUNK WHEN I WAKE UP!" I sang as loud as I could, not even caring if I woke up the neighbors. "ONE THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE WRONG BED!" I continued to yell as I began to make the eggs. "AND EVERY EXCUSE I MADE UP! TELL YOU THE TRUTH I HATE!" Stirring the spoon a little bit, I picked up my phone from the counter and opened up Fun Run. Man, was this game addicting. My name was LouBooOnYou. It was really funny because I had hundreds of friends, but nobody knew it was me. Just as I was about to cross the finish line, I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Grunting loudly, I turned down the stereo and ran to get the door. It was the mailman. "HEYYYY THERE MR..." I looked at his name tag, still a little hungover, "JOHNSON! HOW YA DOING!?"

"A little hungover, aren't we lad?" He said while handing me the newspaper.

"How did you know" I smirked at him, grabbing the newspaper.

"Well...you're just in your boxers." He laughed and walked away, holding more newspapers. I had forgot I was just wearing boxers. Oh well. I closed the door and walked back to the stove, turning it off and sliding the eggs onto a plate. I turned around to turn the stereo back up, "I WANNA HOLD YOUR HEART IN BOTH HANDS! I'LL WATCH IT FIZZLE AT THE BOTTOM OF A COKE CAN!" Leaning against the counter, I shoved a mouth full of eggs into my mouth. Chewing slowly, I looked at the clock on the microwave. It was already 3! My date with Hailey! Well, it wasn't really a date because I was with Eleanor but still. I put the eggs back on the counter and texted her: To Hailey Bear ;)- <Hey! We still on for today? xx> From Hailey Bear ;)-<Yah, defiantly! I'll come by your flat around 5?> To: Hailey Bear ;)-<Okay! See ya then babe. :)x> Smiling I put the phone down and ran upstairs to fix myself


(Hailey's POV)

Sighing, I put my phone down. Looking at the conversation me and Louis just had gave me the butterflies. No Hailey...remember no falling in love, just you and your camera. Getting up from my spot on the couch, I slumped up stairs to get ready for the "Ice Cream Date"

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