I'm Out of Love

As a child, Hailey had always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer. At the time, she didn't care which type, she just wanted to dance. As she got older her dreams came to a stop after her parents got divorced and she was left with her uncle. Little did she know that she would be brought into his everyday life. One meet up could change her life forever. The only thing in the way? She promised not to fall in love. That promise is becoming very hard to keep as she gets pulled in deeper, and deeper, into Louis Tomlinson's life.


1. Can We Hang Out?

(Haileys POV)

"Are we almost there? This dress is really itchy." I said to my uncle as we turned down a street.

"This could be the jackpot! It's that house right there-" I stopped listening to him as we pulled into the driveway of a huge beach house. Supposedly this was the party of Eleanor Calder, famous model and girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson. He has always been my favorite member of One Direction...stop it Hailey you can't think like that. I will not, and I repeat NOT fall in love. Not with Louis Tomlinson, not with any other member of One Direction. I have to focus on my career. No boys...just my camera. In case you're wondering, I'm a paparazzi. Were not all bad, we just do what were told. Each picture can get us about $2000 dollars, and in the state we're in right now, we could really use it.

I got out of the car, my camera inside a black purse on my shoulder. I patted my hair down one last time, puckered my lips, and walked up to the door. "Remember what I said Hailey, try not to start a conversation, just pretend like you're there to have fun and party." my uncle whispered to me and I nodded, opening the door and inhaling the smell of alcohol.

It was quite crowded, considering this was a large house. There were people everywhere, making out on the staircase, grinding against each other on the dance floor. I just shoved my way through everybody, trying not to catch anyone's eye. A girl walked by with a tray of shots, and I grabbed one chugging it down fast. I kept on walking through the house, until I was in the kitchen and could here laughing and singing outside. Peeking my head out the door, I saw Harry Styles, drunkenly dancing while he was singing. Everybody laughed as they raised up their shot glasses and chugged them down sloppily, apparently already drunk. I quickly took my camera out of my purse and snapped away, laughing with them.


(Louis' POV)

"Best night ever lads!" I shouted getting up to dance with Harry, earning a grunt from Eleanor, clearly already comfortable on my lap. She took my spot and watched with bright eyes as I danced with Harry. We connected arms and spun around, laughing like we had no cares in the world. Harry spun me around like a ballerina, and I was facing the door. I stopped dancing when a flash caught my eye. "Dammit! Paparazzi!' I said under my breath. I turned back and kept on dancing with Harry. Might as well give them something to remember. I started to shake my butt in the direction of the flash, causing everyone to laugh even harder.

"Louis twerk man!" yelled Liam from his seat next to Danielle. I shrugged, paparazzi wants a show? Well I'll give them a show. I turned my back to the door and started twerking. I looked over at Eleanor and she had a huge grin on her face. I gave her a smirk and kept on twerking. I was almost done with my little "show" when I heard a cute laugh coming from the house. I looked back and I saw a beautiful girl holding a camera. My eyes traveled up and down her body, from her sparkling black stilettos, to her wavy golden brown hair. I focused on her face, and could see she wasn't wearing much makeup. Maybe just a little bit of mascara but that was it. Man, was she a beauty. She gave me a little wink, and turned to leave. I had to know her name, I just had to.

"Louis where are you going?!" Eleanor said as I ran into the house, determined to find that girl.


(Hailey's POV)

He had caught me. Louis Tomlinson had checked me out. My heart beat climbed higher and higher in my chest. No Hailey, he has a girlfriend. No falling in love, just me and my camera. I turned around to go back inside, get myself another shot. Inside the kitchen, I found a full tray of shots and took down two easily. If there's anything I'm good at besides photography, it's getting drunk. Patting down my hair, I walked out of the kitchen, heading to the dance floor. "WAIT!" A voice spoke from behind me. I recognized that British accent...no it can't be. I spun around to see Louis Tomlinson standing there, looking out of breath. God, he looked hot. "Hello love, I'm Louis." he extended his hand, and I hesitated to shake it, but did anyway.

"I'm Hailey, Hailey Sanders." I replied, looking into his deep blue eyes, the ones that always made me melt in his music videos.

"You should call me sometimes...we could meet up tomorrow maybe? There's a great little ice cream shop right down the road from my flat." his British accent was so smooth, it was hard to pay attention to what he was saying.

"Yeah, sure. I'd love to." What were you thinking Hailey?! You're just going to get pulled in to deep, just like last time, I thought angrily to myself.

I gave him my phone to put his number in, and he gave me his. I decided to name myself as 'Hailey Bear ;)' I took a picture of myself and set it as the contact picture. That would sure make Eleanor have a hissy fit. Oh well, as long as I don't fall in love, right? I handed him his phone, and he gave me back mine. 'Boobear:)' I laughed at the picture he put of himself. "I'll call you tomorrow Hailey, do you live around here?" his blue eyes piercing into mine.

"Oh...yeah. I have a flat in central London."

"Really? So do I! Well I've gotta go now, I'll call you." and with that he walked away. Man his bum is so perfect, I thought. Calling my uncle, I headed out the front door and opened the door of our car.

"How was it? Did you get any good pictures?" he asked me as soon as I shut the door. I didn't say anything, not wanting to lose the image of Louis' bum in my mind, and handed him the camera. He flipped through them, laughing just as I had. "This is sure to get us that $2000 grant, I just know it." He handed me back my camera, reminding me of Louis as he handed me back my phone, and started the long drive back to central London.




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