Delaney is a 18 year old girl, suffering from the loss for her brother. Her once happy family quickly shattering into an old memory. Can niall make her happy again like he wants so badly? Or will things turn for the worst resulting in her last breath?


1. You're just a little bit tipsy


I say on my legs, fingers pulling at the end of my brothers overly large jacket I wore, starring at the newly placed stone with my once happy, breathing, fighting brothers name Engraved. His big brown eyes faded into my mind, his smile wide as the last breath the took giving it to the deadly disease that suffocated his body. At the time my child like brain didn't understand until his eyes never opened to show the beautiful brown again. I tasted the salty tears that had fallen to my lips, I hadn't noticed I was crying until then. It wasn't anything new however, my depressing fits had been haunting me for a while now. I wanted to just escape my parents angry worlds they spat in each others faces... That is until my mom left.
I lifted my eyes fast looking over at the shape of a boy with blonde spiked hair watching me. "Bye Brandon, I love you" I whispered before running away out of the blondes daze.


Ok, I didn't mean to stare. I was ceriously walking past the old cemetery when her beautiful brown hair caught my eye. It cascaded down her back in curles glowing in auburn highlights. I frightened her I guess because she ran away rather quickly. I continued my walk to my brothers new home as we had just moved to America and wanted to see what the bars were like.
Wondering eyes made their way around the clammy bar, many drunk men stood with women in skimpy dresses dancing sickly on them. "Let's get to the bar" Greg nodded as I pushed my way through to the dem back barely lighting the area to order a drink. Intense eye contact was made with the flirt of a bar tender as I leaned closer for her to hear me. "Surprise us" I shouted at her as she gave a gummy smile. "How about a beer" she hoarsely giggled handing me one beer as I handed it back to Greg showing my red cheeks off. She handed me my beer giving me a wink with her dull brown eye framed in fake lashes.
"Another hit" a soft voice demanded behind me. It was followed by many "oohs" from deep voices of men. As I turned I noted she was the girl who I had scared earlier.
"What's your name?" I asked shyly hoping she wouldn't confront me for staring earlier.
She looked at me sharply then softened as she noticed the sincere appeal in my tone. "Delaney" she replied before taking another drink. She was beautiful. Light green eyes with gentle freckles leading over her nose, her cheeks held evidence she had been crying from small almost dried rivers leading to her mouth.
"Are you okay?" I watched tears form fresh in her eyes as she yelled over the clanking of glasses for another drink. My hands slapped to my face, scolding myself for asking the question I had tried to hold back.
"No" her voice broke in mid word as she took her new drink letting it slide down her throat rapidly. As she drank more her eyes became more fogged and her posture slumped. Delaney stood up quickly moving like a swing blowing in the wind. Her face found peace.
"Do you have a ride home?" Her face turned my way but she gave no response. I sighed deeply looking at all the men starring. I wasn't able to bring myself to leaving her alone drunk with the untrustworthy men. I picked her up getting Greg's attention that we needed to leave. She squirmed in my arms unable to break my hold. Flinging her small limbs around occasionally catching me off guard by kicking my leg or slapping my face. The road split as Greg said goodby to me and I carried on looking like I'd kidnapped the poor girl.
I huffed up the stairs holding delaneys dead weight as she slept. She wasn't very heavy I had just been fighting against rebealing body until she fell asleep. I laid her on my bed tucking her in and leaving a small light on in the corner of the room just incase she was scared of the dark. "Goodnight delaney" I whispered to the beautiful intoxicated girl before making my way to the mildly uncomfortable coutch.
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