Delaney is a 18 year old girl, suffering from the loss for her brother. Her once happy family quickly shattering into an old memory. Can niall make her happy again like he wants so badly? Or will things turn for the worst resulting in her last breath?


3. Will you be there?

My house was dark, full of fake smiles and muffles cries. I slipped off my converse leaving my feet to pat up the stairs locking myself in my room trying to escape the voices and memories in my head telling me to do dark things. My chest rose and fell rapidly as the overwhelming thoughts a suffocated my mind. I fell back against my door letting it slide down until I say on the floor. I held myself tightly pulling at my knotted curls cruelly letting out whimpers and cries. "Brandon, buba are you there?" I whispered questioning if I were going crazy. "I need you" I moaned in a desperate sob. My phone buzzed twice before I managed to pry my angry confused fingers from my hair grabbing at my white glassed phone. My fingers slid across the screen fumbling around to check the message.
From: 353-290-2678
Delaney, it's niall. Come with me to dinner? I'll pick you up at 6? .x
My heart fluttered at the perfect boys attempt to lash out to me. I wasn't sure how I wanted him in my life but I knew I could use a friend, especially at a time like this. Shaky hands willed themselves to answering the Irish flirt.
"Okay, sounds nice, ill get ready now"
My fingers typed up the reply sending it quickly as I left to the bathroom.
Undressing myself and turning on the water quickly I studied myself in the mirror slightly unpleased. I was skinny but my face looked dark, ugly. I stepped into the shower and washed myself clean. After about twenty minutes I shut the water off placing a towel I've my small body.
A loud steady beat was played on my front door. My dad bolted angrily from the bedroom that hasn't been opened in days. His tight prop caught the door handle swinging the door open scaring niall half to death.
"Uh is Delaney here?" He stuttered. I rushed down the stairs bulldozing through my ferious father. I pulled nialls hand tightly behind me.
"Run!" I shouted to the now pale, confused boy. Anxious feet carried our bodies away from my dads drunken stare. "Where you not allowed to see me?" He looked as if he could kill himself for taking me out of the protection of my house. My icy green eyes caught his beautiful blue ones. "My dad is just upset." I warned him watching comfort smooth into his tensed body. He was such a gentleman, opening my door and safely closin it back as he made sure it was locked. His lengthy torso made it hard not to stare in amazement as he carried himself around the car snaking into the door. "So" he sighed as he buckled himself in eyeballing me giving me a hint to do the same. "Where's a good place to eat?" He asked verifiably as he locked the door one last time carefully checking my seatbelt and starting the car. I chose to show him to a near by burger joint.
I sat on the bench across from him in the booth covers in pictures of the Beatles and replicas of their awards. "What legends" nialls voice sounded in awe as his sparkling eyes landed on every picture in the booth, him smiling in astonishment. When his focus came back on me, his eyes perfect in the light "can I ask you something?" I asked shyly waiting wanting to know about the amazed boy.
"Sure, anything" he was openly sweet to me, no other boy had ever treated me this way. "Why do you care about me?" I asked my question for the second time in a day. His body shifted as he twiddled his fingers. "I-it's something about the wa you carry you're self, your face... So peaceful, you are tiny and so-" he pondered what word to use, "stubborn" he smiled down letting out an extra amount of air through his nose he showed me his muscular arm covered with soft blonde fix, small scratches covered his arms as my eyes widened. "You put up a little bit of a fight when I carried you back" his smile faded. "I just wanted to protect you" he sounded somewhat hurt. My eyes and mouth widened ad the waitress came to take out order. She held obvious goodly eyes towards niall as his heavy accent told her what we wanted. She gave him a huge smile and me a tiny frown. He grabbed my hand I've the table as she walked away. "Now may I ask you a question" he sounded nervous yet sincere. "Yes" I gulped at the thought of what he could ask. "What brought you to the graves" his eyes burnt into mine causing me to look away "it was just a...family friend." I lied makin my loss seem a little less harsh. His crystal blue eyes filled with sadness his breath becoming uneasy. "I don't ever want to see you hurt" he told me protectively. The waitress came back with our food which niall had eaten almost all of, me having little to no appetite.
Niall parked his car in my driveway and opened my door for me. "Text me,okay?" His smile forced me to obey to his orders. I have him a smile before slipping into my depressing home. As I closed the door my dad grabbed my arm dragging my to the living room. He spat harsh words to my face sending excruciating pain shooting up my arm as his grip tightened. I winced as his hand came down making perfect contact with my face. I felt the welts as he held me even tighter, me squeaking in pain. His breath fell heavy with an alcoholic sent. "Stop dad!" I pleaded "niall!" He stopped my talking by grippin my face over my mouth. His face red in drunken anger. I felt various spots on my body bruise as his short nails managed to claw themselves into my skin forcing me to scream in pain. He threw me to the ground watching me force myself up locking myself in the bathroom. I calle the first person on my phone, it just happening to be niall. My body trembled in horrific fear as my dad pounded on the door shaking the handle. "Hello" nialls sweet voice traveled through my phone. "Help!" I shrieked sobbing loudly. Niall didn't answer. Tire squeals were heard on the phone as I dug my back to the wall gasping. Nialls door boomed loud as he slammed it allowing himself into the house. My heart pounded as I heard niall grunt and a heavy body fall to the floor. My head raced as I heard no other noises. The words "niall is dead" played in my mind as I creeked the door open.
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