Delaney is a 18 year old girl, suffering from the loss for her brother. Her once happy family quickly shattering into an old memory. Can niall make her happy again like he wants so badly? Or will things turn for the worst resulting in her last breath?


4. Don't let me go

She gasped as she witnessed my body on the ground. Her weight shifted to me pulling her head to my shoulder as I closed my eyes. She helped me off my knees where I knelt over her dads unconscious body. "I- you saved me" she stuttered her eyes full of pain with shaking hands. I quietly picked her up careful with her injustices carrying her to my car.
She sat on the floor in her underwear and bra. She wasn't shy with her body, desperately wanting to feel loved. I brought a wet towel to her hurt places. Whipping away blood from the broker skin and sliding it gently over any bruises as she cringed. When she was cleaned I gently picked her up wrapping her in my plaid blanket she had loved so much. I hid the terrible marks on her body, it upset me that I couldn't get there before he hurt her. That two story, dark bricked house on the end of the street wasn't safe for her anymore. Big green eyes watched my expressions change, holding her tiny body on my lap. "Thank you for the birthday dinner" she blurted out. My eyes blurred, heart pounding. "He beat you on your birthday" my voice falling In disgust. "No," she added. "You saved me on my birthday" she pulled one of my warm hands to her heart lettin me feel the steady beat. "How old are you today?" I questioned realising I had never asked. "18" she replied looking almost into my soul. "Happy 18th birthday beautiful" I smiled at her injured face. "IM 19" I added on to my sentence. There was a silence of our eyes only wondering eachothers faces before I broke it. "I can let you go home." I flinched as she reached for my face thinking she was goin to slap me. "There's no where else to go" she exhaled softly pushing her finger to the indent of my chin. "Stay" I whispered peering at her lips as they fell open slightly "okay" she agreed pushing her heat to my chest and resting her eyes.
She wasn't my girlfriend but we were really close. My mum agreed to take her In For a while, understanding what had happened. "Let's go on a walk" I smiled at her now healing face. It had been 3 days since I took her from her home. "Let me find something to wear" she whined looking through my drawers. A laugh escaped my mouth giving her a shirt to put on with her skinny jeans. I grasped her small hand walking her down the stairs and out of my house. We walked throught the neighbourhood and out to the park walking at the same pace under the moonlight shinning through the trees.
Two boys, both around our age paced around with loud laughs that clanked and clashed. I pulled my arm up draping it over Delaneys shoulder entertwining my fingers with her hand farthest from my body. "Stay close" I whispered, my voice coming out harsher than I entened. Her head lent against my long torso. "Hey baby" the boys called to her as I held a tighter grip. "Come on let her go" they laughed together as my jaw tightened. "We can share" my breathing became uneven as her clasp on me moved tighter. She was scared, I could tell. "She's mine!" I but back hard. "Oh well then, lets hear it from the lady... Shall we?" Their voices sounded lazy and drunk. "Delaney please" I begged her quietly. "Please be mine" her gaze caught hold of mine she pulled my head down kissing me with her soft lips. The howlin of the boys vanished as her long lashed brushed my cheeks, her lips moo thing in rhythm with mine. Without thinking twice I swooped her from her feet taking her to my home.
I got into my messy , comfortable bed moving the covers down for her to get in. "Delaney" I whispered into her neck. "you can cal me laney if you would like" she replied sweetly moving to my crotch pressing palm to it rubbing it slowly. She began to kiss my neck sloppily forcing a deep moan to escape from my throat before I could take her hands into mine. "I can't" I whispered putting her fingers into my hair. Her mouth curled down to a frown. "IM sorry" she mumbled as he twirled my hair. "You don't need your innocents taken away to feel loved" my tone gentle and honest. Her mouth met mine as I held her tightly making sure not to put pressure on her bruises. My eyes batted closed tickling her cheeks. "Goodnight laney@ I whispered to the beautiful beaten girl.
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