Delaney is a 18 year old girl, suffering from the loss for her brother. Her once happy family quickly shattering into an old memory. Can niall make her happy again like he wants so badly? Or will things turn for the worst resulting in her last breath?


2. Do I get your didgets?

Blood curdling screams rang from my room forcing me to race up the stairs and throw my door open. Delaneys body jumped wildly as her wide eyes watched my every move , pressing herself to my wall clutching my plaid blanket in her fists. "Delaney shhhh" I tried desperately to calm her but she refused to listen. "Who are you? Where am I? Why do you'd puns like that?!" Her words scrambled out seriously as she looked at my yet to be painted walls. I shook my heard at the ground letting out a chuckle. "I'm from Ireland" her eyes widened with my response she was still no calmer. "Where am I?!" Her panicked voice sounded as she rushed to my window. "This is my house.." I got quiet at the end of my sentence noticing how weird it actually sounded. "Last night you were at the bar, drawing attention to many uhh...sex driven men" her jaw dropped as she wrapped herself back into my blanket. I carefully moved near her making sure I sat as far away as possible. She was still shooken but not as near as bad as she was when she has woken. "You just kept drinking, your balance not too convincing and I wasn't about to leave you in the hands of the men" I found myself looking deep into her captivating eyes, they fluttered as she soaked in the overwhelming information. "Why do care" she questioned. I could tell she had been through something that destroyed her. My heart sank at the question. "I saw you in the grave yard" I finally sighed breaking eye contact. Her eyes filled with tears, them threatening to burst from her lids at any given moment. "What happened Delaney?" My voice trembled in concern watching her plumped bottom lip quiver. She shook her head refusing to give me any information. I felt the urgent need to change the topic. "Would you like me to take you home?" I asked holding my hand out to help her up she sucked in my heavy scent covering the blanket she held around herself. "I'll just walk" she dodged my hand immediately searching for her shoes and swiftly heading for the door. Without thinking I beat her there pressing myself against it. She sprung back a little shocked by my sudden movements. I let out an awkward "heh" sound feeling my cheeks heat with embarrassment. "I can't let you walk" I forced myself to admit kicking my leg out and stepping from the door a bit before crossing my arms. Her arms crossed showing her get a little annoyed. "Let me leave" she snapped. I shut my eyes tight trying to get myself to let her go. "Please let me take you" I begged "if I could, I would let you walk but I just..." My eyebrows knitted together as I gulped roughly. Delaney rolled her eyes "creep" she huffed under her breath pushing me from her way. I began to breathe heavily following her out he door. I grabbed her wrist careful not to damage he delicate limb. "Then please, just stay" my voice because harsh. She didn't know how overwhelmingly irresistible she was. I didn't want anyone else to be able to steal her heart. I wanted her for myself. Her jaw clinched together tightly. "Take me home" she mumbled leaving no sympathy in her voice. I jogged to get the keys then ran past her opening her door for her then allowing myself into the driver side.
The ride was awkward, her not saying a word. The only time she spoke was to tell me where to turn.
"Here's my house" her firm voice spoke unbuckling her seat belt. right before she shit the door my thought escaped my lips. "Wait!" I studied her annoyed glare as it met with my smile. "Can I have your number?" I asked, my confidence immediately draining. She held her hand out for my phone to be placed into to my surprise. As she failed in her number I turned my face mouthing the word "yesssss" and celibrating silently when her small bold figure popped into the window. My big smile dropped as my eyes widened. Her mouth curled giving a slight smile of satisfaction as she left me not able to explain what had just happened.
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