Delaney is a 18 year old girl, suffering from the loss for her brother. Her once happy family quickly shattering into an old memory. Can niall make her happy again like he wants so badly? Or will things turn for the worst resulting in her last breath?


5. buba, ill find him

Laney's figure fumbled down a dark ally dimly lite with street lamps. Her breaths short and heavy as she ran for life. Somethung massive chased her, a person. their body in a dark shadow causing me not to recognise who it was. Delaney hustled at me but I did nothing. Her body whisped in front of my face, her pupils big in fear scratching sounds darted through the air forcin me to cring as her body vanished. the dark figure came after her pickin up speed when I realised, he was her dad. sweat beads ran down his face as it shifted angrier also vanishing into the dark. Laney's screened filled the clammy air as he grunted and punched. I did nothing. Just sat and listened to him hurt my one and only. "Niall!" Laney shouted causing me to wake with a swing of my arm. I sat back wide eyed grabbing Delaneys body and scanning over it checking for injuries. "Niall what's wrong?" She exclaimed pulling my hands from her collar bones and holdin them in her palms. "Does your dad always beat you?" I didn't know why I asked. I didn't want to know the answer in case it was true. "No" she sighed giving me a small frown. Her body rose up as she starred at me. "I have to tell you something...actually" she huffed and looked down. "It wasn't a family friend" her sound paused. "My brother an I got along well, he was 19. Hardly a year seperated us. We were like this" she held up her thin fingers twisting two together. "He began to bruise easily...it was a miracle if they healed" her lids opened wider exposing full color and extra white in her eyes. "We took him to the hospital hoping it was nothing. But he ended up getting tearted with kemo. I remember once walking up to him and brushing over his hair but when I pulled my hand away expecting it to slip from my grip... The hair stayed in my hand. Gently pulling from his scalp." She placed her palm to my hair then grabbed it gently letting it slip from her closed palm. "Eventually he was bald but he was still so beautiful to me" she gasped her eyes glossy with tears. "I stayed with him in the hospital all the time. I made games for us to play or things for us to talk about while he lie in the bed, that stupid machine breathing for his pale, weak body." Her tears now raced to her cheeks as my jaw tight. "He took a big breath one night, he told me goodbye. And niall, when he let it out... He was gone." Her voice trembled as her teeth chattered in fear. How could he have left Delaney alone with no protection. Why didn't her dad or mom step up and realised they needed to be there for her. "He said boo, never forget me okay? And please, please please find someone to protect you and love you for the beautiful girl you are. He told that all the time" the salt water fell heavier and she struggled out the last of the story "okay buba, ill find someone. I promised him everytime. Jesus will love having an angel like you with him in heaven, I just know it. I'd whisper to him in tough times." My heart fell to my stomach, an uncomfortable expression drifted to my face. "I'll protect you" I whispered pulling her in my arms as if I'd never let her go. I kissed her neck over and over trying to kiss the pain away desperately moving to her arms and hands. "It's my fault , it's my fault you're crying, it's my fault you where hurt, it's my own damn fault!" I gushed out my tone raising as I kissed harder on her jaw line watching the tears stream down to her perfectly plumped lips. "I'll take the pain away" I assured her kissing close to her ear "your mine" my hot breath hit her skin forming chills. "It's not your fault" she wrapt kissing a path to my lips. "I'll never hurt you." I brought her to my lap allowing her to straddle it as we kissed away eachothers pain. Unexpected tears fell from my blue eyes. I couldn't stop thinking of her hurt like that. I wanted to save he from any and every kind of pain. She looked up at me and smiled slightly "why are you so cute? Even when you cry you're so...perfect" she dropped her head to my shoulder. I smiled through tears I placed my mouth to her hair squeezing my eyes shut and letting out a deep, muffled laugh. "You are so adorable boo" I let my head off hers for her to face into my eyes. "I like it" she decided with a smile. "But come on now snowflake, you beat me in looks" I flipped her to her back pretending to tackle her for the girls name she had given me. "I'm gonna take a shower okay boo?" My arms relaxed allowing myself to drop down and kiss her softly before escaping into the bathroom
I held the fuzzy white towel loose around my waist as I walked to my room. "Boo?" I called out to the beautiful girl that was missing from my bed. "Laney?" I called again beginning to panic. There was no response so I quickly slipped into my sweat pants running outside. "Fuck!" I cursed seeing my car gone. I jogged back inside scrambling around finding my moms keys and allowing tires to squeal down the road as my thoughts led to Delaneys house. I parked in front of her house my big feet carrying my throbbing body bolting into the house. I felt as if I were living the day I had saved Delaney, all over again, her birthday. "Delaney?" I called rushing up her stairs and forcing her door open to see her packing clothes. "Niall!" She jumped to her feet as I picked her up tightly pulling her close "I'm sorry I didn't know I'd scare you so badly!" I put her down as she tucked her face to my chest lightly clawing at my sides. "I thought I would pack my things while my dad and mom where at work" she continued looking at the ground. She listened to my heart thump in my chest almost threatening to break ribs. "I'd never leave you." She promised griping my sides harder. "I know" I chocked out. Lets get your things.
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