What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him

An innocent girl is talked into going to a party by her best friend Paige. She hooks up with a hot guy names Jason who ends up being her new step brother.


5. Chapter 5


I'm officially, without a doubt pregnant i thought. i am standing in front of my bathroom mirror naked.Ive already got a small baby bump. I just hope the parents don't find out. I mean the wedding is next Friday and today is Monday, I thought to myself. Today Clarissa and I are going wedding dress shopping. My dad thought it would be good "bonding" time. "We are leaving in a half hour" Clarissa called up from the bottom of the stairs. I responded with a simple "okay". I heard a soft knock on my bathroom door. I opened it without thinking. And there stood my boyfriend mason Yes we are boyfriend and girlfriend now. "Wow" he said " even with a baby bump your sexy" " hahaha very funny , what do you want?" I questioned. Mason did not respond, but instead slowly moved forward and kissed me softly on the lips and said"I don't want Anything, your all I ever wanted". We stood there for a while passionately making out. "Shit" I said "I've got to go" I quickly grabbed a Tshirt and shorts and through them on. "Bye babe" I said leaving mason standing in my bathroom door way speechless.

-omg Paige so I have some news! Respond ASAP!- I texted Paige as I hopped in the car with Clarissa. I figured I should tell Paige I was pregnant. Soon enough I got a text from Paige -what is it?! Are you okay?!- I responded - I'm fine, except for the fact that I'm pregnant!- it didn't take long for her to respond - holy sit Marisa. What are you going to do??- I decided not to respond. Clarissa and I arrived at the dress store and immediately started trying on dresses! "How about this one?" Asked Clarissa the dress was long, flowey and white with a huge bow on the back. "That's the one" I practically screamed. Clarissa and I had so much fun shopping for dresses I completely for got I was pregnant. She ended up buying the flowey dress with the bow.

After we got Clarissa's dress we decided to go get facials. I was having so much fun with her that I almost blurted out "I'm pregnant"! I felt so close to her, I mean I've never ha a motherly figure in my life before. My mom died giving birth to me. My dad doesn't like to talk about her much. We arrived home at about six thirty. I was so tired so I made to decision to crash early. As I'm heading up the stairs I hear music turn on downstairs. I assumed it was my dad who turned it on. I got to my room and was surprised by mason. He was in my room holding a bunch of roses. I was speechless! "Don't say anything and just come here" he smiled. Slowly I walked to my boyfriend ad he kissed me. I started to blush an I think mason could tell because he stopped kissing me as said" I invited Paige and Jason over if that's okay with you?" I just smiled ad said"of course love". "Good because they are right out the window!" He laughed. "What" I laughed running to the window. Sure enough Paige and Jason were outside.
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