What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him

An innocent girl is talked into going to a party by her best friend Paige. She hooks up with a hot guy names Jason who ends up being her new step brother.


3. Chapter 3

At about a quarter to five there was a knock on my bedroom door."who is it?" I questioned. "It's mason" a familiar voice responded. "Oh" I replied, "come in".

I watched as the door slowly crept open and in walked mason. "Hey" he smiled. "You ready to go?" "Yes" I responded plainly.

I walked past mason and down the stairs. Mason followed me. As we walked out the front door he put one hand on my lower back. I quickly swiped his hand away an he said,"what, you were fine with it last night at the party". "Oh shut up!" I practically yell yelled in a whisper. Mason opened the car door for me and As I got in he mumbled "we need to talk". And he slammed the door closed. A few seconds later he reappeared in the drivers seat. "Look" he said in a worried tone, " last night was amazing and I know I barely know you but I think... I think we were meant for each other". I practically burst out laughing until I realized he was serious! "I don't know what to say"I finally said. "Say you will date me" he instantly responded. What! I thought to myself. "Your going to be my step brother" I said. "What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him" he looked at me and winked. We pulled into the driveway of some bodies house. He turned to me and whispered "please". "Look I just don't-" he interrupted me with a soft kiss. He pulled away and then I realized I didn't want him to pull away. I wanted to kiss him more. Mason looked at me and smiled," well lets go". We both got out of the car and mason met me at the front of the car and grabbed my hand. Mason and I walked together up the porch to his friends house.
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