What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him

An innocent girl is talked into going to a party by her best friend Paige. She hooks up with a hot guy names Jason who ends up being her new step brother.


2. Chapter 2

The next day Paige and i met up at Starbucks to talk about the night before.
"What do you mean you had sex with mason!" Paige screamed. "Your the good girl not the slutty girl!" "I didn't mean to, it's just he made me feel so vulnerable" I explained. "Whatever you say Marisa", Paige smirked.""do you think you will see him again", she asked. "i hope so"i replied. My phone beeped, it was my dad."well I'm going to head home, my dad just texted me saying he needs to talk to me and that he had good news!"I stated. Paige just smiled at me.
About ten minutes later I pulled in the driveway And noticed another car was there that I didn't recognize. I slowly got out of my crappy car and walked up the driveway. "Dad"? I questioned. "In here sweetie!" My dad responded. I walked in the kitchen to see mason and a very pretty women sitting at the table with my dad. My first thought was that my dad knew I got laid. "Umm hi?" I questioned again opening the cupboard do and grabbing a cup. Marisa I would like you to meet Clarissa." "She and I are engaged!" I dropped the glass cup I was holding and looked at Mason. He gave a look like-don't worry they will never find out-. "Umm and this is my son Mason" said Clarissa. "Hi umm Mason, it's nice to meet you." I said shakily. "And you" Mason smirked.
"Clarissa had an idea, that you and mason could go to the mall or the movies and just hang for some bonding time and get to know each other" my dad rather insisted than asked. Before I could respond mason jumped in and said "I was actually going to meet up with some friends later, so if you wanna go Marisa."
"Umm" I looked over at my dad to see him glaring at me. "Sure I would love to." I stuttered. "Then it's settled!"exclaimed Clarissa.
I left to go get ready to hang out with mason and his friends. This can't be happening I thought. I mean not to me!
I put on a cute pair of short shorts and a black halter top half shirt that Paige naught me last year.
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