What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him

An innocent girl is talked into going to a party by her best friend Paige. She hooks up with a hot guy names Jason who ends up being her new step brother.


1. Chapter 1

I'm not usually up to sneaking out, but I figured I'm 17 and its about time i stopped being a goodie two shoes. The truth is actually my best friend Paige talked me into it. She begged and begged for me to go to this party in Austin.
"Marisa hurry up"! Paige whispered as I climbed out the window and made my way slowly down the edged brick wall. "We're late" Paige said as we hopped in her white truck. "Hey", i smirked, "we will be fashionably late". Before I knew it, I could hear the pounding beat of music in the distance. Paige looks at me and smiles as we pull in to the neighbors drive way, "you ready" she grins. " "as ready as ill ever be" I laughed nervously.
"Hey there's Jason!" Paige practically yelled over the pounding beat of "I'm sexy and i know it". Jason is Paige's super hot jock boyfriend and my best guy friend since preschool. He plays practically every sport, but mostly football. Jason has short black hair and hazel eyes. Also he is very buff. He is standing with this guy I have never seen before. But he is definatley hot! the guy is super tall and has "justin bieber" hair. Blonde, and eyes blue like the ocean! "Who is that"? I question Paige. "Guess your about to find out" she says as the two boys walk towards us. "Hey sexy" Jason smiles at Paige and plants a kiss on her rosy red lips. Blushing, I looked at the hot guy next to mason. He rolls his eyes at Paige and Jason playfully. He leans over and whispers in my ear" wanna drink"? Apparently Paige heard..."Um"- "yes she will have a corona Paige interrupts me.
"So what's your friends name"? I ask Jason when the hot guy was out of ear shot." Oh that's mason" you two should talk, I think you to would like each other" Jason replies.
The hot guy, Mason, comes back with my beer. Paige, Jason, mason and I decided to play truth or dare. About six more people joined the game an practically everyone picked dare. I dared Paige drink two bottles of beer while grinding Jason. She got me back by making me kiss mason and some guy named Nathan. once again mason whispers into my ear "would you like to go upstairs where it's a bit quieter?" "Umm yeah sure" I whisper back looking at Paige. Paige gives me a quick thumbs up and places her attention on her boyfriend Jason. Mason leads me threw the living room (where people were playing beer pong)and up the stairs. My heart is racing! What if he wants to have sex! I thought.
Mason lead me into a small dark room, and asked what I wanted to do? as he turned a lamp on. I said, "I don't know, whatever you want" trying to sound sexy an flirty. "Hmmm, he said walking slowly towards me and kissing the nape of my neck. I giggled as he made his way up to my lips and slowly kissed me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, my first kiss! It gave me butterfly's in my stomach. Big butterfly's.

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